RaySoo is one of asia’s leading djs. His unique and quirky sense of electronic house music has taken him the world over. Steadily building up a strong catalogue of his own elastic style of productions on various labels such as Love International, Raum & Pornographic – he was named ‘Best New DJ’ 2005 and ‘Best DJ’ 2006 & 2007 in Malaysian club culture and dance music magazine Juice – and taking his unique and captivating dj talent on tours across Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia in recent years. As a cosmic love messenger travelling across boundaries to spread his quirky and soulful sense of electronic music and good vibes to audiences around the world. RaySoo continues to discover the many layers and meaning of sounds and emotions through the bigger purpose of sharing his gifts to the world through music and love. His label Love International turns 10 in 2018. Releasing his debut album Love Again in 2016, 2018 sees him setting base in Bali and prepping for his 2nd artist album.

Your playing at Ulu Cliff house this Saturday – what preparation do you put into a set before heading up the hill compared to other clubs in Bali?

Ulu Cliffhouse is an incredibly beautiful venue and my favorite cliffside venue in Bali. A set there would consist of slower soulful electronic house and more chilled discofied sounds for an uplifting postive open air vibe. I usually create a new folder with more current trax + some old trax to mix things up abit a day before the gig

Where else have you played outside of SE Asia in 2018?

Europe, Australia, India

Insert your latest release info and write up here >>

Lost Trax Vol 1 is a series of basement trax that were lost and found for a current release with a new lease of life. Vol 1 consists of 3 freestyle house tracks for the open-minded ears that experience music for the love of music, regardless of subgenres, trends or chart position. Music is love 🙂 I’ve chosen a collection of beautiful and stark images of extinct or near extinct animals for the release artworks for this series to highlight human’s impact on the natural world. Records have indicated that since humans walked the earth till today, more than 80% of all animals species have been wiped out. And of all animals alive on earth at present, more than 70% of them are livestocks i.e cattle, pigs, chicken raised for human consumption. This is a huge point to ponder and might cause us to reconsider our consumption habits? Not just our relationship with our environment but also with our animals friends.

What is your studio set up like?

My studio setup is super simple. Laptop with Properllerhead’a Reason and Ableton Live + 2 octave midi keyboard + Monitor speakers/headphones

Next up for Raysoo is??

Working on new album in Bali amongst busy gig schedule + building a zero carbon/self powered school for underprivileged kids in Bali with my friend’s Yayasan DreamsForLife


releases : www.beatport.com/artist/raysoo/80095
dj mixes : www.mixcloud.com/RaySoo
facebook : www.facebook.com/djraysoo
Instagram : raysoo.music
label : https://tinyurl.com/y8ul5348


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