Was born on April 6, 1984 in Korea. She was born in Aries, with a baby (armor) mouse (Giap Rat 1984). Soda ranked 785th in the world and 16th in the popular DJ list. The total population of the world in 1984 was about 4,769 billion. DJ Soda’s real name is Hwang So Hee, born in 1984, from Seoul, South Korea. Not only well-known in Korea, female DJs are well known to the world’s online community through music clips with lovely expressions, attracting millions of views on YouTube. When you think about Seoul, the first thing that comes to your mind would probably be the city’s bustling streets packed with shopping centres that are opened almost 24/7. Apart from being a shopping paradise, the South Korean capital is also famously known for its nightlife. Just ask DJ SODA — the Korean mega babe will be able to tell you about some of the craziest party destinations in her hometown.

Dubbed “the hottest female artist of today’s Korean club scene,” the social media-savvy DJ SODA has quickly attracted more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram since her official debut in 2014. With her sweet and bubbly stage presence, the hip-hop darling is always greeted by swarms of fans no matter where she performs. From Bangkok and Taipei, to Tokyo and Hong Kong, the budding star has hit some of the biggest clubs in various major Asian cities. We recently had a chance to talk to the artist about her music as well as her enviable personal style. Read our interview with DJ SODA below, and make sure to connect with her on Instagram.

How did you start your DJ career ? Where did you learn and who inspired you?

Since I was at a young age, music – especially hip-hip music – has always healed me during my rough times. Through DJing, I wanted to heal others and spread positive vibes. So, I cold-called a number of 1st generation hip-hop DJs in Korea and asked for DJ lessons!

Tell us please about your first performance. Where and how it was?

It was in 2013 at a very small club in Korea, in front of a crowd of just a few of my friends! Even though it was a very small club with just 15 friends of mine, I was so nervous! During my first performance, there was a black-out at the building, and I could not finish my performance. People at the venue told me that it was the first time the building had a black-out, and said that this may signify that something special will happen throughout my career haha!

Tell about the best/worst of your performance ever. Where it took place and why actually it was best/worst??

In 2015, I had my most memorable performance at a large shopping mall in Bangkok. As clubs and festivals have an age limit, I was only able to interact with people of a certain age group. However, at the shopping mall. I was able to perform in front of people of all age groups! I even saw little kids holding up SODA placards.
I usually feel dissatisfied by the gig whenever I see the crowd not dancing or partying so much, but only focusing on taking pictures and videos of me. So everyone! Rave when I perform!

Can you name us TOP 5 of your favorite places in the world where you have been and where you want to go?

Myanmar gold temple, Bangkok reclining Buddha, hongkong night city view, Okinawa island, and the Mantanani Island near Kota Kinabalu – the island has a splendid scenery!

You have a lot of releases, they reach top charts in the world. When will be the next one?

I have my new singles coming out this year! Also, a few collaboration tracks with some of the coolest artists in the world are waiting to be released! Get pumped, everyone!

Share with us your experience about djing in Asia, about clubs, festivals, and another DJs. Maybe you have a lot of friends among famous DJs?

Yes, I have performed in over 70 cities across the world, and have spread my music at various clubs, festivals, and parties. A few of my most memorable experiences would be the S20 at the Songkran Festival in Bangkok, where I got to perform in front of over 50,000 people, and the TNT Festival, also in Bangkok, where I performed with many artists whom I tremendously respect, including Lil Jon and Major Lazer.

We couldn’t but admire your Mix for Diplo and friends BBC Radio – tell us please about it, who invited you? It is really great!

I connected with Diplo, whom I got to know during my DJ career, and decided to play my mix for Diplo and friends BBC radio. As an old school hip hop enthusiast, I played a mix containing old school hip hop tracks. I wanted to express my true self and my strong passion for music, so I put in over a month in preparing for the mix! Not many people know that I am a hip-hop dj; I chose to show my love for hip-hop through the radio!

Tell us about your favorite DJs worldwide, someone of your friends or someone who inspires you) Did you make friends with Yellow Claw as we could see your picture together.

Throughout my career, I was fortunate enough to perform on the same stage with many respected DJs across the world. Although I cannot pinpoint my favorite artist, as each and every DJ has his or her strong characteristic and charisma, Yellow Claw, who is a trap DJ just like myself, is one of the artists whom I am very close with!

We have noticed that you play on vinyls. Does many DJs in Asia also play on vinyls?

Actually, playing on vinyls is not at all popular in Asia. But, as you know, I am a hip-hop DJ, and a lot of hip-hop DJs play on vinyls. So, when I perform at a hip-hop club, I play on vinyls, and when I am at an EDM club, I use USB.

You have a really great love for sneakers. We have seen pictures with a huge collection of Jordan’s! Are you an ambassador of this label or just a passionate fan?

I have been an enormous fan for Air Jordan’s since middle-school.I still clearly remember the day I got my first pair of AJ’s; it was when I was 14, and my parents bought me a fabulous pair of AJ 3 Fire Red’s. Although I am sponsored by Nike, I do collect a very extensive range of AJ’s on my own as well. I guess I am both an ambassador and a passionate fan!

What plans do you have for the nearest future?

I have a lot of tracks prepared for the year of 2019! I cannot wait to travel the world to meet my fans and fellow music lovers with my new music!

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