At a young age, Quintino was discovered by house music mastermind Laidback Luke who was impressed by Quintino’s precision and unrivaled ability behind the turntables. Quintino will always bring good vibes and a lot of energy with his sets. After conquering the Dutch club scene, the young DJ started making big steps. In 2011, Quintino released ‘Epic’ with Sandro Silva which became platinum. This was the start his successful international DJ career. Since then, Quintino’s club bangers have been played all over the world.

What types of music did you first start listening to before you became a DJ/producer?

I listened to all kind of music. My favorites were N*E*R*D, Jamiroquai and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

How did the collaboration with NERVO come about and how did you like to work with the girls?

I’ve known the girls for a long time and we’re good friends. Whenever we had an appearance at the same festival, it always ended with us getting each other on stage and having a lot of fun. We’ve always wanted to work together and now we finally have “Lost In You”.

Did the girls help you in the production or did you take them on your own and the girls did the vocals?

The girls wrote the lyrics and sent them over with the vocals, that’s what I started with the production. Quickly the basis was created. We then perfected the track and finished the track together. It was a real pleasure to work with the girls. We know each other so well, so we agreed from the beginning how the track should sound.


Who inspired you the most when working with?

That’s hard to say. There’s so many different people who inspired me, from amazing songwriters to amazing producers. The crowds in front of me during my sets are also inspiring, they give me my energy and creative mind.

When Spinnin’ Sessions invited you to be a guest mix for their show, What were your exact feelings?

Happy to be part of the Spinnin’ Sessions after releasing so many records. It’s good to combine everything in a mini mix.


Last year you made a big jump in DJ-Mag-Voting to 30th place. Does it mean something for you? Do you hope that you can climb even higher this year?

Although I do not see the music as a competition, it’s just a great affirmation. We’ve been working hard over the years to do the music and shows. Climbing so fast last year is just a testament to that and it feels great that so many fans are taking their time to vote for me. And yes, in any case, I hope that this year all vote for me again, so we can climb even higher.

What have you done with your success so far?

Enjoyed it and let me get triggered to work harder. It’s like if you eat something good, you want more and more.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still doing the thing I love the most, making people happy with my music and perform all over the world. I hope to keep on moving up every year and take over the world with my sound. And waiting for a time traveling machine, I need that.

Finally, three short personal questions: What was the last movie you saw?

To be honest, I have not been to a movie theater for years, because we travel so much. I prefer listening to music rather than watching a movie.

Do you often watch sports, if so which ones?

Anyway, who is not? I am a huge football fan. I always try to go to the stadium to watch a game or live when I’m home.

Do you also own other genres other than EDM?

Yes, I like to hear all kinds of music. When I’m at home or on the way to a show, I sometimes hear hip-hop.


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