Some Blonde is one of the most promising young protégés to rise out of the world- renown music hub of Australia. Whilst a fresh face on the global scene, SB has spent the last few years earning herself the reputation as one of dance music’s best known sweethearts. A pulsating combination of energetic performances and mainstage-ready music makes up the amazing paradise that comes with Some Blonde entering the DJ booth, transporting minds and souls to a place that resembles an electronic dreamland. Witnessing SB in her natural habitat of jam-packed clubs and booming festival stages leaves few questions as to why this down-to-earth beauty has proven herself to be one of the scenes most in-demand assets – a social media following in the hundreds of thousands in addition to regular headline performances both nationally and internationally including Canada, Tokyo, Bali and New Zealand serve as undeniable proof. Some Blonde is a top end performer who leaves nothing in the locker, collecting the hearts of crowds around the world with her name spreading like wildfire. With a bundle of successes on the horizon, this is only the start.

First of tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Alicia Weir, aka Some Blonde a female DJ & Producer from Byron Bay, Australia! I love music, travel, adventures, I’m obsessed with my dog Bailey and adore my loved ones!!

How long have you been DJing for? where are you from? What school did you attend? What got you into DJing? Where do you live currently ?

I’ve been djing for almost 10 years now, I grew up in Melbourne Australia and just moved to Byron Bay Australia a little over a year ago! I was working in the bar at a nightclub, surrounded by DJ’s and decided I’d rather be in a DJ booth than bar! So I made it happen.

Looking back on all the years growing up thru school and your pre-raving days is there a magic moment that sticks out now and now you realise I was always going to take my craft on the road and perform all over the world?

Right from about 14 years old everyone could rely on me to organise a massive party somewhere. If there weren’t any kids allowed to have something at their house that weekend, I’d organise a park party… Boom Box with spare batteries, alcohol for all my friends, the woks! They were pretty wild parties for 14 year olds haha! The police generally shut them down and would call my parents, but I got away with it all pretty well and it definitely paved the way for all the partying and events that were to come as a DJ.

Talking about the raving days – the Melbourne scene is so vibrant and the parties always look so amazing. Tell us about some of the favourites ones your attended back then and what made them so special? The music always seems to be 2 steps ahead in Melbourne. Why is that so do you think?

Melbourne was THE place to be growing up, especially with my love for the scene! There was so much opportunity everywhere for us, whether you wanted to DJ, promote, work in the bar, security, or just be the party animal, there was a spot on every street to call home! I can remember being underage going to PHD, Pharmacy and Bubble… some hardcore rave scenes that were quite the eye opener for a teenager… but the music was like nothing else and the scene was insane!! Everyone was there for the music, their friends and the good times! Kids just weren’t into their phones in those days, they just wanted to get loose and rave. I Miss those days a lot!

How do the events compare now days ? Do you think the newest generation or rave monsters and clubbers alike dont know what they missed out on or are they just spoilt for choice and dont realise how good they got it right now?

It’s so funny because when I think back to 18, there wasn’t the level of iPhones/social media that we deal with today. Everyone was just there for the music and getting wasted with their mates! I think kids these days are a bit spoilt for choice and have to deal with social media while they are out. So it makes it harder for the whole crowd to be truly connected with the DJ or Artist that is playing. It’s still INSANE these days and a bigger scale, just a different energy to when I first started.

Now the question you probably seen coming from a million miles away – Melbourne producers! What exactly is going on down there? Something in the water you need to tell us about? Is it the bad weather just keeps people in doors longer so longer studio hours are a forced issue or it is just the fresh crisp air?

I can tell you the clubs there are totally underground, dark and have no special lighting or decor, it’s all about the music and getting wasted with your mates so it just has this dark but awesome vibe about it. The music you hear in the clubs isn’t commercial or what you would hear on the radio and definitely reflect the environment of the nightlife scene down there…

Who are some of your favourite Melbourne producers right now that aren’t quite on the global circuit but we should be keeping a eye and ear out for? What makes them pop right now and get the Some Blonde stamp of approval?

There’s so many great producers in Melbourne and all different styles of music, but who really stand out for me on a production level are Tyron Hapi, Dom Dolla, Holmes John, Krunk & Yror?.

If you could name your top 5 melbourne tunes of all time what would they be?

This is going way backkkk, but easily the tunes that made me want to start DJing would have to be:

1. Night crawler – Orkestrated

2. Bang – Rye Rye ft MIA (Mischievous remix)

3. Riff – Mr Spook

4. Me – Ton!c

5. Get Wasted – Fabian Gray (orkestrated Remix)

6. Back to front – Reece Low & Joel Flethcher

How about the first tune that you purchased with you own money ( outside of Melbourne) and how does it influence your sets still in 2019?

Ooooo I can’t remember clearly what it was but I have a feeling it could have been a Deadmau5 record… An absolute pioneer and created an album that was a highlight of so many people’s lives. Deadmau5 builds and clever mixing still easily influences me today!

Talking about 2019 your music style has changed a fair bit since your first visit to Bali. What are you playing currently and wrecking the clubs with down under?

Right on, I was all about Melbourne Bounce when I started, but since traveling and playing all around the world, I’ve discovered so many more styles of music and what else can work with. I still love quality bounce and you’ll hear some records in my sets, but I like to keep it fresh and play anything that excites me at the time! As long as it bangs and makes people crazy.. I’m playing it 😉

The whole EDM bubble has well and truly made way for some great sounds to evolve and also dissapear. Where do you see the main club sound heading before the end of this year and into 2020? The next big sound ? The next big theme or style in production?

I see a lot of people getting excited about techno again! I think on the EDM stages however we will start to see long builds and Melodic break downs again – I hope! EDM was short fast loud, but I think people are getting excited about the big build ups and insane drops again.

In the studio you must have something cooking? Tell us about some of your upcoming projects and recent work. We’d love to share some links with our readers ahead of your upcoming show at Lxxy Bali’s newest super club this weekend.

I certainly do have a lot cooking in the studio, I have a record dropping this March. I have a great feeling about this one, it’s been a long time in the making and I can’t wait to ‘set this one free’ 😉 I’m also finishing up a record with one of my favourite Australian Artists! I’ve looked up to their music my whole life, so to have them feature on one of my upcoming records is massive for me!

While your in Bali what else are you going to get up to pre and post club show? Some of your favourite shopping? Food? Beaches? Salon? Everyone’s always looking for something new to check out. Share us some of your favourite go to Bali spots.

Massage, massage, massage! Haha! I’m all about chilling out and going into my show super chilled, so I can give it my everything and go wild on stage. Then the next day… Massage x 3 and back to chill! I’ll definitely visit some of my favourite restaurants in Seminyak and will be shopping my butt off!! Bali is my favourite place to shop. Keep an eye out, you might see me 😉

Your favourite colour is?

Black 🖤

Your favourite sneakers are?

Nike Airforce 1s

Your favourite club to play outside of Melbourne is?

Eatons Hill, Brisbane

Next up for Some Blonde is?
(Use this question to add anything you would like to promote and include we missed)

2019 is my year baby, get ready for lots of music and tours!
Love you Bali, see you on the 8th of Feb at LXXY!


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