Club DJs and producers Dorian Lo and César de Rummel have been active as Ofenbach since 2014, the year the Paris, France-based duo fell under the spell of house music. The previous decade, the childhood friends started playing music together, inspired at first by such blues-rooted rock acts as the Rolling Stones and White Stripes. The young musicians had a creative epiphany when they heard the productions of Robin Schulz, then set off on fusing elements of traditional rock and electronic dance music with pop appeal. After an assortment of singles and remixes released during 2014 and 2015, Ofenbach broke through in 2016 with “Be Mine,” which landed within the Top Ten of several pop charts across Eurasia, including France, where it earned a diamond certification. By the end of 2017, Miriam Makeba, James Bay, Nick Waterhouse, and Portugal. The Man were among the wide range of artists whose tracks had been remixed by Lo and de Rummel.

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started with producing music?

We met at the age of 11 during a fire alarm at school and 3 years later we formed our first rock band for fun. Then, we decided to begin a pop band more seriously at the age of 17, but we didn’t have so much time because of our studies so it stopped. After a short one year stop, we discovered melodic house on Soundcloud and directly found it interesting to mix our rock / pop influences with electronic music (analog drums, bass & fx). That’s how we started to produce.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences and/or people you look up to?

We love really love Daft Punk, Supertramp, The Rolling Stones, Justice…in general, we listen a lot of French touch and old rock / pop music.

What are some other musical projects that you’re currently working on that fans can look forward to?

We are really focusing on Ofenbach’s next tracks and first album right now. We also have some remixes coming that we are really proud of.

Tell us five things we don’t know about you!

1. We are really big fans of Wallace & Gromit

2. We do the worst jokes in the world 🙂

3. We love amusement parks

4. When we were 12, I (Dorian) told Cesar we had to make a band because of girls…

5. We were doing animation short films in stop motion when we were young from our room.

How would you guys explain the explosion and growth of melodic and chilled house in France right now?

I think melodic house has become such a growing genre in France and throughout Europe because it offers the perfect mixture between elements of electronic music and the melodies and perhaps, the vocals of pop music. True also, it offers a very pleasant listening experience… well for us certainly!

Do you guys have musical families? What songs were played at home when you were kids?

Yes, my family absolutely love their music. My father was in a pop and rock band. There was also a large recording studio in my childhood home too, so that was pretty cool. I can just remember my mum always playing her songs in the car or loudly on the hi fi in the living room. Safe to say, I felt surrounded by music. My parents definitely acted as an inspiration for me to start learning to play the trumpet. Learning guitar and how to sing came later on.
My parents are not musicians but they always believed that it was important for me to learn different instruments. I have, therefore, always played a lot of piano and I used to play a lot of drums. I also studied classical music and rcecently I have started singing in a “conservatoire”. My cousin was a massive inspiraton musically for me. He was in a great PopFolk band. Seeing his music, really motivated me to take my music more seriously.

When did you realise that music was your calling and that you should really follow it as a career?

We always knew on some level that it was something we should follow. It just took us 20 years to find our style … haha!


What are your fondest musical memories?

It has to be the first concert I ever went to…. The Rolling Stones. From this day onwards, I have been a huge fan.
My fondest memory is when I was 15, I was the guitarist for a French rock band called ‘Les Arènes de Nimes’. We played a concert for 20, 000 people. It was a very frightening experience but an amazing and unforgettable feeling afterwards!


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