Comprised of two musicians on a mission to pump the dance floor full of positive energy and cosmic vibes, Infinity Ink is Ali Love and Luca Cazal. Friends for over 20 years, the duo have been working together since 2011; dropping a series of well-received releases which encapsulate their ability to write catchy hooks and melodies, spliced with sultry basslines and enigmatic rhythms. From their studio productions to their live shows, the pair channel soul, funk, sixties psychedelia, disco and vintage house into everything they do. With their debut album soon to drop, Ali and Luca have been hard at work crafting a long-player worthy of their unified ideologies and life experience.

From the moment they got together, Infinity Ink captured the imaginations of the dance floor faithful, and their industry peers, with a series of releases through influential labels Hot Creations and Crosstown Rebels. Tracks such as ‘Games’ and ‘Infinity’ established the duo as architects of a distinct and captivating sound, one which inspires unity and a buoyant atmosphere. With their early hits as a foundation Infinity Ink have built a sterling reputation, delivering remixes for artists such as The Klaxons, Roisin Murphy, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons, Katy B and Francesca Lombardo.

Alongside their remix work, Ali and Luca have continued to put out original material, reinforcing their penchant for writing songs both contagious and irresistible, with cuts including ‘Full Capacity’, ‘Too Strong’ and ‘How Do I Love You’, (featuring Yasmin). When they’re not jamming in the studio, Ali and Luca also perform live shows together, igniting dance floors around the world with their high-energy appearances. Over the last few years they have been booked for gigs across Chicago, London, Miami, Paris, Amsterdam and New York – to name but a few. Further stops have seen the pair at dance institutions: Panorama Bar, Glastonbury Festival, Warung Beach Club and one of their spiritual homes; DC 10 in Ibiza – where they are regulars at Jamie Jones’ Paradise party.

In 2019 Infinity Ink unveil their debut album, ‘House Of Infinity’, the culmination of years in the game and an expansion of their chemistry, together and with a crew of collaborators. The album represents an evolution of the Infinity Ink sound, drawing on their eclectic tastes and influences to produce a body of work that maintains the often difficult balance between dance floor and wider appeal. Ali and Luca’s natural ability for writing earworm melodies and choruses is evident throughout; from the shamanic mysticism on ‘Aya’, to the dynamic energy on ‘The Rush’ (featuring Mr. V). Across the entire album is a sense of maturity and an innate ability to craft real songs, music that will stand the test of time; each track occupying its own space whilst also feeding back into the overall atmosphere of the entire project. Love, joy, optimism and a deep soulful resonance emanate from every pore of the LP; Ali and Luca embracing the spirit of house music, whilst incorporating a contemporary touch, injecting each production with their own unique identity.

An album is a huge milestone in any artist’s career and it’s one which Infinity Ink have clearly relished the opportunity to immerse themselves in. It’s a big, confident stride forward for the duo, bringing out the best in both artists and undoubtedly pushing them on to the next level, carrying with them an affirming spirit that will welcome us all into the House of Infinity…


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