Back in 2010, Lando (a.k.a. Antaeus Lando Roy) relocated to Berlin, and the city was proven to be the perfect place for the native Californian to blossom. Strains of classic house, techno, acid, and soul have always coursed through his tracks, but the German capital has allowed Lando to filter his disparate influences through a distinct lens, one that favors pulsing basslines, trippy melodies, and machine-made funk, (though recently relocating back to San Francisco in 2018). This aesthetic carries over into his DJ sets, and explains why he’s been invited to grace the decks at places like Berghain/Panorama Bar, Trouw, Fabric, Sub Club, Space, and Dimensions Festival; moreover, it’s led to a 2015-2016 residency at Berlin’s storied Tresor. (It’s also prompted more frequent appearances of his revamped, hardware-driven live set.) On the release front, Lando has spent the past few years turning out increasingly impressive work for a variety of labels, including (recent) Hypercolour Records, Mistress, Rush Hour, Hotflush, Ultramajic, Numbers, and Icee Hot, and he’s also been enlisted to remix the likes of Parris Mitchell, Machinedrum, and Dorisburg, amongst others. Now, he’s started up his own label, Myth Music, alongside fellow Berlin expat Aaron Castle (Hotflush, Boiler Room). The imprint has two EP’s of his own under it’s belt to start, along with the well received, “Dimension Sculpture EP” by Dorisburg which includes Lando’s “Freak It Mix”, a rendition that’s received much play by the likes of Ryan Elliot, DVS1, Ben Klock, and Røhdhad to name a few. Lando has a third Myth Music EP on the way, and a few other releases/projects coming very soon on other highly respected labels.

Your a US citizen but reside in the creative hub that keeps giving Berlin correct?
Even though California the lifestyle, the weather, the people are so different and so far away from Berlin how do you compare the two places across the day to day life and in the music industry?

Well I currently reside in San Francisco (again) so I’m getting acclimated to the vibe and scene here in a new way. Both Berlin and San Francisco are special in their own right. Obviously San Francisco isn’t as cold however it can be very gloomy and rainy, which makes for good music writing days ha. But it’s not necessarily the crazy sunny warm California that everyone thinks it is. Also, the overall tempo of this city can be a bit more progressive than Berlin at times, especially nowadays with the tech boom in the city. But to me it seems that’s not hendering the dance music scene out here whatsoever. Techno, House music, Disco, and everything in between are alive and well in San Francisco. A lot of the same acts that play in Berlin play here in San Francisco when they’re around or vice versa, and the local talent / dj’s are pulling out tricks man, quality material. That said, I do often miss Berlin as well haha. Ultimately, I like to float around and be injected into special scenes and movements.

California in your teenage years what were the rave parties like and the parties? We have heard so many great stories over the year! The crazy underground parties, the University tours and so on..

In my teenage years I was mostly playing packed house parties with crappy soundsystems, people knocking into the turntables every 30 seconds, and beer kegs in bath tubs haha. I started the raves and warehouse parties more towards my late teens, and the ravers were just as wild. I’ve done the University Frat party thing a decent amount of times as well and those are a complete blur now haha. Most of the college kids had no clue who you were as a dj / producer, they just wanted to get silly waisted.

How about now when you go back to see family and pick up a few bookings on the side, whats some of the favourite places for you play and when looking for a night out with friends where are you heading too?

I live in San Francisco now. There’s plenty of options for good clubs with quality selection. I usually tend to gravitate towards The Stud in the soma district, Monarch, and F8. the party i run called “Color Of Night” is at Underground SF, a tiny lil club in the Lower Haight District that’s small but packs out easy and has great energy and people. We get sweaty in there!

Skipping over to the pond now to Berlin you have played at all the clubs we constantly read about on the internet like Berghain and Tresor. We want to know more! What sound systems are they using? Are the security really that selective? How do the crowds & sound differ from Tresor to Berghain?

Tresor currently still rocks a beautiful Void system and as for Berghain’s setup, i couldn’t tell you. The door guys at Tresor aren’t nearly as selective as Berghain is. I guess that shows the difference in the people in the corwds. Tresor can be a bit more touristy at times which some of the locals are kind of pushed back from, however being a resident there for 2 years, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing Tresor because the people still get down hard! That place grooves and people really get into it which in turn keeps me locked in while playing.

What about some of the underground clubs that we wouldn’t even know about? Whats some of your favourite ones to play at right now and what makes its so special?

Well it has been a while since I’ve played Berlin to be honest. I’m headed back in the summertime though most definitely. That said I’ve always been a huge fan of playing Griessmuehle and Wilden Renata. Griessmuehle has a good layout and is very industrial / warehouse-like. The rooms sound good and they book great label showcases etc. Its further out in the outskirts of Neukoln so there’s no nonsense and more German locals. Wilden Renata looks totally different haha. It’s almost like it’s three floors of apartment flats, decked out in the kitchiest vintage flare and random furniture etc. The way it looks is very standard Berlin to me actually. It’s a more intimate settting where people really let go and shake for two days straight haha.

Its Monday night and we have just arrived in Berlin for the first time, what do you suggest we do from 5pm – 5am?

Wow, that even for Berlin is a tough one. One could still attempt to go to Panorama Bar as they are at times still going late into Monday from the weekend ha. It’s only for the brave ravers that can really stick it out though.

Your productions are amazing and more so your label ‘Myth Music’ tell us about the labels history from your own releases. Please run us thru some of your favourite recent releases on your label from both yourself and another couple of artists for our readers to have a listen to in preparation for your upcoming show at Bali’s latest late night jewel – Vault!

So Myth Music was started mainly as a vehicle for me to release music I want, whenever I want, which is obviously a common approach for DJs and producers these days.Myth001 and Myth002 are both a productions of my own and tracks that I am still completely satisfied with. Some of my favorite works on there. We had a solid response for the release we did with Dorisburg, so much to where we immediately re-pressed another run of vinyl once it sold out in two weeks. Thats good feeling! That was Myth003 and both Dorisburg’s original A side and my remix of it on the B side got played around quite often so yeah, thats exciting.

What have you heard about Vault so far? The Vibe on the place right now in Bali is amazing! Everyone is talking about the place and cant wait to head there this weekend for another huge night in the makings!

I’ve heard only good things about Vault and seen photos of vibrant crowds. The guys there know what they’re doing it seems, and I’m thrilled to be the next guest on the decks!

your current Top 3 is?

1. Seinfeld (the show)
2. Dance Music of all shapes and sizes
3. Pizza

Is this your first time to Bali? What are your plans outside of your show at Vault? Some local food you cant wait to try? Beach Time well overdue?

This will be my fourth time in Bali. I absolutely love it as you can probably tell by now. The second time is when I played Air Festival. I’m looking forward to driving my rental scooter on sidewalks to get around the traffic haha. Just kidding, I’ve never done that in my entire life. But yes I will likely get some Echo Beach action in and find some bootleg fanny packs in Seminyak somewhere. I mainly like to tag along with local friends and have them do all the work for the special food and drink and shopping spots haha. There’s also Moksa, the tasty vegan restaraunt in Ubud that i have to hit up.

Next up for Lando is??

My main future plans are to kind of reboot my label Myth Music next month, as we have been a little silent for a decent while due to moving countries and other life events. But I have two to three EPs of music that i am thrilled to get out to the world, which I will do on Myth. The plans are in motion and I’m pumped. I’m also working out a long overdue Europe run for the summertime. I’ll tour for a couple months and be based in Berlin (back and forth i know) which I am TRULY looking forward to! Other than that my latest EP just released a week ago! It’s on Hypercolour Records and it’s called “Gather Round”. It will move your butts. Go get it!


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