Following his evolution, in 2012 N.O.X released his first EP on Vinyl on CrazyJack Records with 2 amazing remix of ALEX CELLER AND EGAL3 aka VID , also became a active member and resident of the well known COCOBEACH party in Paris with the FRENCHKITCHEN crew. Since 2014 he goes on Australian asia and pacific tour playing some of the best club of the country such as SASH Sydney , Breakfast Club in Melbourne , Transit noumea or Jenja bali.. and established himself every year as one of the most energetic Dj to listen to. His music goes to the essential, with always a powerful kick and bass lines, he keeps it very minimal house and techno with a little touch of underground hip/hop to it and loves to take an unexpected turn in order to surprise his audience. He recently became the owner of AES Music ( VINYL ONLY ) and D/A as well as one of the most respected legend house music French label, Briquerouge

First of please tell us where you are from? Where you went to school? What were some of your first experiences with music at school?

Im from the suburbs. Born in Saint Denis ( hot neighbourhood near Paris )
Junior school and this city and cooking school around when I have 14 years old .. My first music experience at school is not really was no thanks to school. Is more thanks to my discman with the DILATED PEOPLES ALBUM or DJ PREMIER MIXTAPE at the back of the school room.

Is there any other musicians in your family? What do they play and have any of them had any professional or amateur careers?

I have chance with my parent who are really young when I’m born 18 ànd 20 years old. My father produced some new wave style something like that and my mother loves singing everyday. I listen music everyday since I’m kid and I remember my father going to Ibiza with his best friends every years when I’m kid.. ( I don’t want know more hahha ) My mother is a really a big fan of Jamiroquai and jazz… specially Harry
Connick JR.. When i say to my parents at 20 years old that I stop the classic work ( cooking ) to play in clubs she said to me ‘if the music is your passion then I trust you on this’ – love you Mom. My father was a wedding DJ too, same face like me 🙂

How would you compare your set preparation for somewhere like your home residency club compared to somewhere you have never been to and played before?

I never prepare my sets. I know all my vinyl and all my sticks. Its the dance floor, the people and the vibes make my set at the same time.

Is this your first time to Bali performing and if so its your first time playing at the islands latest late night rave bunker. What have you heard about Vault so far? Its already got a huge amount of hype around the place and everyones itching to go check the place out!

I have been on tour since 22 December in Australia, Vietnam & New Caledonia. This month is the end of my journey and I have the chance to take 2 weeks of and I have seen the VAULT already. I’m totally in love with this club, finally Bali has a real underground club the sound is amazing and the concrete everywhere I fee like home, really can’t wait!

You have just been to New Caledonia correct? what was the show like there? How about the island as a whole? Whats the food like? The people and the beaches?

I play 5 times in New Caledonia for the amazing party TRANSIT. The party is on a little island ( duck island ) and every time its beautiful, in the middle of Pacific Ocean with turtles and dolphins in the lagoon around the party.. simply amazing .. OLIVER A AND MAXIME Make a very good job for the artists and customers.
I recommend this party for everybody.

How about Australia? What have the shows been like down that way? How did all the different cities compare and differ from each other both on the dancefloor and navigating the airport for the next destination?

I love to play everywhere ,sometimes its better in a small club with 100 people, sometime is better in festival with 5000 peoples depend on the vibe. But if I have only one choice … every time its a pleasure to play at SASH in Sydney. The dance floor is mix of Australian, French, English, Italian, Brazilian and more peoples. Everyones only there every Sunday & only for dance and thats why I love the place..
Australia is always in my heart because its my first tour 5 years ago which is only for sash in Australia while now I play a lot in Melbourne especially for the amazing after parties ( the breakfast clubs ) Sydney for me is too much straight ( lock out 1.30am. Bar close after 3am ) I’m from Europe and u know Paris or Berlin never sleep. But when your at SASH u don’t feel that. The party and the people are full of smiles andenergy is a real pleasure every time. Melbourne is different as its more like than Europe … the city never sleeps … Revolver is open 4 days non stop and my favourite breakfast club every Monday start at 9am and close on Tuesday night GAB & ETHAN make a really good job too. I love this city!

Back onto home soil, how about the different clubs in your native speaking home – France? How does each city differ from each other when your playing pure underground club shows?

Now Paris is crazy … party everywhere and warehouse too One of my favorite place to play in Paris is the d’amour REX CLUB .. but I love too play too for crazyjack in a after party or for FK … but the true it’s now Paris is like that thanks to CONCRETE I never play but I hope soon . BRICE and all the crew make a real underground identity in concrete and Paris is better now I’m proud of my city

Whats your set up in the studio at home? Your go to plug ins and synths for producing music that you cant live without are?

I don’t have a big studio, I have collected some old synths of my father like a SY77 and the speakers, Yamaha NS10 of my father too , its precious for me because I see this material since I’m kid. I produced specially with software but I have had the chance to with some friends of mine who have a big studio ( raw main / Marcelo cura and more French producer) if I need I can call my friends and take the studio when I want .

If you won $100,000 tomorrow and had to spend it only on studio equipment what would it be and how would you use it improve your current productions?

If I have 100000$ now only for music .. I take one 909 and one 808 .. some old synth .. little house in bamboo with pool in Bali for the new studio and complete my collection of vinyl .. and digging and buy vinyl all around the world… I buy too a turntable and speakers hifi. Not for mixing only for listening… I think after that 100000$ is quicly dead

When your not glued to your studio, out performing on the road or stuck in an airport what do you like to do with your space time outside of music world?

My first job is cook ( chef ) I and love make some good dinner for my friend after a studio session or after some good bottle of wine … for my cooking and mixing is the same. Try to find the perfect combinasion for ur hears or ur mouth’


When you head to Bali this week whats the plans for some down time to relax and refresh ?

After the music I love cooking.. and love motocross too ( Bali is a perfect place for that in the jungle ) sorry I’m not a surfer … I like too go in lombok to see some friend specially « JM from reset « it’s a really quiet place and a incredible Beauty island

Next up for N.O.X after Bali is??

After Vault I will finish my international tour in Singapore and then go back to Europe for some gig in France, Morocco, Bulgaria & England + more to follow.


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