Building a loyal and fanatical fan-base through their richly distinct and unique progressive sound, few acts in the electronic dance music scene can quite command the same level of respect and attention as British pair, Third Party. Made up of Jonnie Macaire and Harry Bass, the UK producers are best known for their incredible live productions, and euphoric tracks, including most recent studio album ‘HOPE’; widely regarded as one of the finest dance productions of recent generations. Starting their careers with remix duties for the likes of Tiësto and Swedish House Mafia, the latter soon invited the Essex duo to play at their iconic Masquerade Motel show in Miami, with a further performance at their ‘One Night Only’ event at Alexandra Palace. Following productions on Steve Angello’s SIZE Records, Third Party soon began to launch music under their own ‘Release’ label, with the imprint since hosting several showcase evenings at the likes of London’s iconic Ministry of Sound club, with upcoming talents like Corey James, Will K, Sentinel, and Pete K all releasing tracks on the label, which has also spawned podcast series, ‘Release Radio.’

How did you two meet?

We first met at our high school, we both were on the football team and then both ended up doing the Music Tech course.

Did you guys have musical backgrounds?

Harry learned the drums and guitar at school and I was a rock star on the clarinet haha Neither of us really knew music theory, just the basics.

Where was your first show?

Our first show was for an 18th birthday party in our local town. Our first real show as Third Party was in Miami which was a pretty crazy start to our career.

When was your big break?

Our big break was when we signed our record ‘Release’ to Steve Angello’s label SIZE. Not long after it came out we were invited to meet his management company and they said he wanted to sign us to SIZE. It’s still a pretty unreal moment for us to look back on.

Today the DJ scene is flooding with many artists. How does your music stand out from the rest?

We like to think our music stands out because it mixes quite a few different musical inspirations. The main core of our sound is progressive house, but you could say there is a bit of everything in the productions. One of the main things we like to do is sample old vocals into our music. We really like the fusion and vibe they bring to the music that slick vocals just can’t bring!

You collaborated with Martin Garrix on “Lions in the Wild.” How was collaborating with the #1 DJ?

It was an awesome experience! Martin is such a great guy, so it was very easy and smooth to work with him on this track.

Tell us a little bit about your tune “Live Forever.”

Live Forever is a special song for us. Not only is it the lead single from our album, but we feel like it captures everything we try to be as Third Party – just great uplifting progressive house music for people to enjoy.

What was the inspiration behind your new single ‘Come With Me’?

We were really inspired to write another euphoric emotionally charged single similar to ‘Have No Fear’. This is because Have No Fear connected with so many of our fans around the world we really felt that we could create something of a similar nature. The core message is that there’s always hope and belief to be found even when you’re in a dark place and can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you find it from friends/family or even hope can be found when listening to certain music.

What is your opinion on the progressive house scene today and where do you see it going in the next few years?

We think it’s in a real healthy place right now, the fact we never changed genre and have remained strong shows you that the fans of good progressive house music never went away! Also, the fact that one of the pioneers of the genre Swedish House Mafia are coming back in 2019 shows you that it’s about to make a big comeback as a whole and we can’t wait!

What are your thoughts on hosting Release label nights in Asia?

t’s something we really want to do, the label is only getting bigger and stronger so hopefully, in 2019 we can make some release shows happen in Asia as we love playing out here!


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