The values that House Music pertain are what Colour Castle lives by; community, love and respect. After setting stone single, “Walk Right In” gained support from the likes of Danny Howard, Carl Cox, Hannah Wants and Billy Kenny, Colour Castle rapidly became a sought after name not just at home, but also abroad. 2017 saw three monster collaborations with international House Royalties Miguel Campbell “I Know A Place”, Doorly “Stay Hungry” & Yolanda “Love Addict” (Best known for her vocal on ‘Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back’). All 3 singles peaked at #1 on the ARIA Club Charts and boast remixes from the likes of ‘Amine Edge & Dance, Dr.Packer, MAM and more. In 2018 this House Music advocate also launched his own label ‘Hot Sunday Records’, striking a deal with industry legends ‘cr2’ to lead his releases internationally. The first release, “Can’t Buy This” is a joint project with the voice of house music, Roland Clark, and hit the top spot on the ARIA Club Charts for 5 weeks. Following single, “Come With Me”, reached the top spot in record time and stayed there for another 4 weeks. After spending a total of 26 weeks at #1 in the ARIA Club Charts, more then any other artist in the past two years, Colour Castle has drawn the attention and support from heavyweights Claptone, Gorgon City & DJ SKT. He’s been an addition to compilations on Toolroom, spun on BBC Radio 1 with Pete Tong and performed a ‘Triple J Mix Up Exclusive’, and graced the stages of Field Day, Bestival Bali, Electric Gardens, Splendour In The Grass, Defected In The House Sydney, Ministry Of Sound Club Australia, ‘This That’ Festival, Revolver and Chinese Laundry.

Your name might be relatively new to most you have been touring around as a high profile guest DJ for a long time.
Before Colour Castle hit the www can you tell us about your career and some of the highlights. Where you are from and what was the first thing that comes to mind that you decided to dedicate the best part of your life to the craft of DJing.

I am from Melbourne originally, I can remember the very first time I entered a club and straight away I knew what I wanted to do for a job/hobby. It’s now coming up to almost a decade of me DJ’ing! Previous to creating Colour Castle I was DJ’ing around Australia and practising my production, once I had a clear direction and was confident in my Music I then started releasing under Colour Castle.

The name Colour Castle – tell us how you came up with some a cool name?

Actually I just thought it sounded original, cool and fun! I hadn’t seen anyone else with a similar name so I picked it

Your current top 5 is?

Movin’ On (Mark Lower Remix – Birdee
Night Road (Martin Badder Remix) – Colour Castle and Damon Trueitt
Ocean (Friendless Summertime Remix) – Beth Yen feat. The Baroness
I Can’t Let You (Jarrad Gallo Remix) – Buried King
Want Me More – Stephen Nichollas

You been playing in Bali consistently over the past few years at some key events and clubs like Mrs Sippy and Ulu Cliffhouse. How have you seen the Bali industry change across your visits each time and what are some of the positive things to point out?

Bali seems to be growing rapidly, from being there to watching it grow from Australia. From huge festivals to new clubs it’s great to see a huge buzz. I love coming over.

How about comparing the Australian scene to Bali scene, what are some of the similarities you see personally?

A lot of Australians in Bali too hahaha. A solid house and techno underground scene in both countries.

How about production technology? Since starting your career what have been some of the major changes in the way you produce your music nowdays in 2019 compared to say 2016?

Improved my studio, upgraded Ableton, working with other people and vocalists. Overall the workflow is better.

Now that Colour Castles has really driven your profile into higher gear can you look back over recent times and define the moment that you personally feel achieved the quantam leap into a chart topping producer from touring DJ? Why do you think it was such a big step ?

My release in 2016 ‘Walk Right In’ was played out alot by some big profile DJs and got me a lot of exposure being the #1 Aria Club track of 2016.

You have been producing with some amazing producers in recent times including a collaboration with Doorly and a few more we would like to hear lots more about? How does a artist get into such amazing projects with producers of such high calibre? Who else have you been releasing tunes with and is there anything else about to come out that we should be on the listen out for?

Yeah! I feel very lucky to be able to work with some artists I have looked up to for quit some time. Stoked that a lot of them tour Australia and are able to make it into my Sydney Studio. Last release was with Doorly and the next one coming up is with Miguel Campbell & we have more in the works. Next single to listen out for is ‘I Know A Place – Miguel Campbell & Colour Castle’.

Its flashback time again! Please tell us your first vinyl record or tape your ever purchased? And how does it influence your sound in your sets and in studio on 2019? Any early childhood photos or first DJ shots that you would like to share with us?

Wow gotta get my mind jogged for this one. I think my first ever CD was Red Hot Chile Peppers Californication. If I’m honest I don’t think that the chiles really do influence my music production at this time but my obsession with music started with them.

On your 2019 xmas wish list what the one piece of studio equipment you would really love? Probably the next step is to professionally sound proof my studio and treat the room. How would it improve your sound?

Help to hear the new OS Acoustic DB7s I just bought perfectly.

What else do you plan to do while in Bali before and after your upcoming show at Mrs Sippy?

Bringing my girlfriend, we plan to relax and go to the Monkey forest!

Whats your favourite food and restaurant in Bali?

Anything satay

If you weren’t DJing for a full time professional career looking back on your school days where else do you think you might of ended up?


Your record label is starting to do really well. Tell us about it some more ? How you come up with the name? How you visioned it from start up to 12 month deep and are you in that space right now? Some exciting releases coming up?

The name was originally a song name for an upcoming release, we then got a vocal on that i instrumental, the song is now called “Can’t Buy This feat Roland Clark – Colour Castle” I still loved the name Hot Sunday so used it for the label. It’s going perfectly and I couldn’t be happier. Some exciting releases comin up from myself, Mark Maxwell, Moogy Bee, a Scott Diaz Remix, Stephen Nicollolas, Sondrio, Brown Sneakers, Jolyon Petch and Mind Electric. It’s really a bunch of friends and internationals I vibe.

How about some other great new Australian label right now starting to make some impact in your sets we should look out for?

Valiant Records from Melbourne, some great music.

How about some up and coming Aussie producers we should keep a ear to the ground for the incoming stampede of good vibes heading our way to Bali?

Mark Maxwell, Matonii, Alex Preston, Buried King, Beth Yen, DANIELLE ARIELLI to name a few!

Next up for Colour Castle is??

Release on Valiant Records plus a remix for them, then a project with Colour Castle & Doorly called Masingo!


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