One of the most dedicated, hard-working characters in the industry, Swiss-Italian DJ, producer and label head, EDX, has spent the past twenty-five years at the forefront of electronic music. Founder of the internationally renowned record company Sirup Music in 2002, which has released hits from the likes of Avicii, Armin van Buuren, Steve Angello, Tiësto and more — and in joint-venture with Enormous Tunes his ‘Helvetic Nerds’ crew of Nora En Pure, Daniel Portman, Croatia Squad and Sons of Maria — Maurizio’s own vast catalogue of chart-topping original productions and remixes has amassed hundreds of millions of streams and an adoring international fan-base in the process. His ‘NoXcuses’ radio show on iHeart (formerly on SiriusXM’s Electric Area) is currently broadcast to over 40 countries twice a week and with an international touring schedule that sees him cross multiple countries and continents each week, Maurizio has held residencies at some of the world’s most iconic clubs (Space Ibiza, Privilege Ibiza and Wynn Las Vegas to name a few) and consistently performs at the most esteemed festivals on the global circuit.

Firstly love to hear about where you are from and what the music scene is like around home?

I’m Italian and my parents are Italian, but I was born and raised in Switzerland. The scene over here in Switzerland is absolutely amazing. We have over two decades long history of electronic dance music and nightlife is thriving across many different genres of dance music. Even for Rock Music we have one of the biggest festivals in Europe, called Summer Culture, so there really is something for everybody.

How has it changed since EDX played his first show compared to what is is today? How has the sound changed? The venues?

A lot has changed since the early 90s when I played my first proper show! I used to play with 12” LPs and old classic Technics turntables and everything was new. The crowd, the music, the culture – the scene was just being born and it was an incredibly exciting movement. Now, over two decades later, everything is different. Especially when it comes to technology. There are digital distribution channels, social media is so important in terms of marketing yourself and all you need to play a show is a USB stick! Electronic music has also exploded in popularity and there are so many new markets all over the world that are interested.

Which was the first venue/club you played at?

It was actually a small club called Tivoli, just outside Zurich city over twenty years ago!

What’s your favourite home festival in summer 2019 to attend? What makes it different to any tourist that’s reading this and wants to come to Switzerland this year?

There are actually a lot of amazing rock and hip hop festivals in Switzerland. There is one right next to my house called Zurich Festival which is great. They have Swedish House Mafia playing there this year which is going to be huge. There is another festival in the French part called Vibes. They are just kicking off this year for the first time, but it looks like it’s going to be a really good one too.

You have performed in Bali lots in recent years. How have you seen the Bali industry change now its currently on the boom? Is there any advice you could offer for the better of the islands music economy?

Bali is such a unique place. It’s so beautiful and relaxing, and the Balinese people are just great. The first time I played in Indonesia was actually in Jakarta a long time ago. It was actually one of the biggest markets for progressive house back in the day. Playing Bali is always really very special and I’m really looking forward to my show at Sky Garden. I’m also looking forward to spending some time with my Indonesian fans that have supported me since day one.

Sky Garden has been the leading club for more than a decade now for late night entertainment in Bali, what have you install for us this time since your last visit where you blew the roof of the Sky Dome? Any new tracks from yours truly that we should keep a listen out for ?

The last time I played in Bali, Deep House was a really new sound and I guess I was one of the first DJs to be playing that sort of music on the island. I wasn’t sure how they were going to react, but I got really great feedback from the fans there which was amazing. Now I’m back a few years later and I’m really looking forward to seeing how fans are receptive to my new music. One of my favourite tracks at the moment is called Breathe and it’s by Camelphat & Cristoph, so listen out for that on the dance floor!

What else are you planning to do while in Bali? Anywhere you return to each time you come just cause its something you discovered and cant get enough?

To be honest, I fly straight in from a festival in Austria on the day of the show, and I have a flight to Tokyo the next morning, so I really don’t have any time to explore, which is a shame. Next time though!

How do you compare the Bali shows in the past to other performances in Asia? Also what are the major differences?

Asia is such a massive and diverse continent that it’s hard to compare all the different countries. As I mentioned, I’m playing a show in Tokyo the next day and the flight between the two is seven hours! What I love about Asia is that the crowd and the culture is so different in each place that you play. In Bali I would say they like the more deep, relaxing and melodic vibes. Having said that, Sky Garden always has such amazing energy.


As a producer who is constantly releasing qualitly music how do you balance your working week between touring and production?

I’ve been in this industry for over twenty years and I try to approach my career in a very Swiss way. Very organised and very efficient! I was in the studio in Nashville a couple of weeks ago, finishing off all of my releases until the end of the summer and I also love to produce on the road as visiting all these different cultures gives me so much inspiration and motivation.

When your not glued to the studio chair, on a airplane or playing to capacity clubs what does EDX like to do in his down time around home?

I’m actually very busy as I have an office full of people with a passion for music that work super hard every day. I love spending time with my family, I love to travel, eat great food and experience new cultures.

Next up for EDX is?

There is a lot of new music coming over the course of the year but my next single is a collaboration with Australian singer-songwriter Amba Shepherd called off the grid. It’s out at the end of April and I’m going to be playing it at all my shows on the Asia tour. I cant wait for you guys to hear it!


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