When it comes to DJing and the clubbing circuit in Indonesia Yasmin is a name that will continuously come to the top of the list! Her face and name has been up in lights from one side of the country to the other for the best part of a decade and she has shown no signs of taking a break. A relentless touring schedule taking in main stage festival appearances, cool little underground local clubs or corporate cameo appearances on a weekly basis, its a pleasure to finally track down our favourite Indonesia miss for a quick chat to see whats makings things tick tock at Yasmin o’clock. From the crowd in Bali to outside of Indonesia, her dream festival lineup from start to finish, her humble beginnings to whats inspiring her nowdays, its all here so jump in and check out our latest #localspotlight.

Hi Yasmin its great to finally have the chance to tie you down for a interview. Let’s begin and start from your musical background, what’s your inspirational moments and memories that’s really driven you to pursue a full time DJ Career?

It all start when I was in my university at Padjajaran University, Bandung. I have a best friend that is a DJ, and one day, when he was practicing, I also learn and here I am. My family had a musical background that also makes love music very much. Those are the things that makes me love this profession and also in love with all of the things about electronic music dance.

Who’s your role model or some key influences?

Tiesto was my first ever inspiration but as the time goes by, Calvin Harris become my top inspiration. Beside a great producer, he also a Pop DJ superstar. One, I hope I can be successful like him. My second inspiration for now is Don Diablo, he produce a great music and a great role model because he always give a positive message to his fans.

Nowadays, we’re loaded with DJ’s in Indonesia. But, we believe you have your own identity as DJ Yasmin. So, if someone ask you, who is DJ Yasmin, how would you describe yourself as a DJ?

A women that are really in love with music and passionate about everything in it.

We know that you’ve been doing lots of shows in Bali, from Soundrenaline, Dreamfields, Sky Garden, A-Club, Boshe, and in the end of April 2017, you performed at Vi Ai Pi. So, from those magnificent experiences, what is your opinion on Bali crowd compare to other cities, countries or even continents?
Also, how’s your show at Vi Ai Pi? What was the biggest response of the night to your playlist?

The crowd in Bali are fun, energetic, really have a high appreciation with all of music genres and never be ashame to show their expressions on the dance floor. Vi Ai Pi was an excited club, the dance floor was full, have a friendly employees, and I can interact with the songs that I played by make them joined me singing with all of the tracks. Last, when I played the RnB genre, they loved it.

Now, let’s talk about your performance outside Indonesia. Where is the most memorable place or a show that really touch your heart and you will never ever forgot about that / those show?

The most memorable place that really touch my heart is when I play at Dreamfields Holland, because it was my first ever gig at a rave party outside from Indonesia and the vibe was different from here. Beside that, I’m having a great holiday in Amsterdam.

Your tracks have been reaching up to 184 thousands viewers – thats huge! You’ve experienced a lot of DJ from local underground heros to high profile Indonesia headliners, are there any particular DJ you really want to collaborate with or make a project together and why? Or maybe there is something we can know about thats coming soon?

Maliq D’Essential is the first that comes up through my mind, because their songs was so inspiring and I’m in love with their songs. My next project is after the Lebaran, there will be a new single with one of the Indonesian female singer.


Right now what’s your favorite track in your playlist? And while were on the subject whats the biggest genre rocking your record box playlist right now?

Open Your Eyes (Club Mix) by Sam Feldt and it was such an amazing time when I can watch him play lived last Saturday at SHVR Ground Festival 2017. Basically, in my rekordbox filled with a lot of house and future house. But, as a DJ, we always have to watch situation with the crowd and what kind of venues.

Where we can find you this week?

I’ve just finished playing at the SHVR Ground Festival 2017 with the A list DJ’s such as Above & Beyond, Afrojack and also Sam Feldt. What a privilege for me. May 17, I’ll be having a gig at Macau. So excited for that.

You’ve been the job of putting together a huge festival, from start to finish one stage.
From warm up to closing set.

Joyryde, Don Diablo, Martin Solveig, Daft Punk, Axwell Ingrosso, Porter Robinson, Erick Morillo, Justice, Madeon, Mat Zo, Courtship, and Rufus.


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