Alok is an individual who possesses a very strong musical root. Raised in a family where his parents (Swarup and Ekanta) and the twin brother (Bhaskar) are artists of the electronic scene, his universe has revolved around music since he was 10 years old starting in your own home, the “Universo Paralello Festival”, third largest festival of alternative music in the world produced by your family ( The early start made him a proactive producer alongside his brother with the project “Logica” which added to the current solo career, totals more than a decade of work. More than 15 years later, Alok dedicates his time relentlessly to become one of the most prominent icons of the Brazilian scene, with honors and awards, such as: “Best Dj in Brazil” two consecutive times,besides being elected at the end of last year Top Dj 19th of the world for the British magazine “DJ Mag”. This year, he became the only Brazilian to join the Billboard unpublished list with the 100 best Djs in the world, the Billboard Dance 100, occupying the 72nd position, besides becoming the only Brazilian to reach 320 million plays on the world’s premier music platform, Spotify, where he also became the first Brazilian to be present at the TOP 100 Global with hits ‘Hear Me Now’, ‘Never Let Me Go’ , ‘Big Jet Plane’ and the recently released hit ‘Ocean’. After that, Alok became known to the public as a visionary DJ.

How long ago did you begin DJing? And what, or whom, was the catalyst which brought you into the art form?

I started DJing when I was 11 years old. Both of my parents are DJs and Producers and that played a major influence on me and the way I was introduced to the electronic music scene. Being part of the festival which they organize also became of predominant influence on me. One thing lead to another and nowadays I could not see myself in any other universe.

What are some of the key moments in your career that have elevated you to where you are today?

Without a doubt, seeing my work being recognized in all 4 parts of the world made me more dedicated and driven to keep it happening. It’s unreal to go out there and come to terms with the fact that my music is finding a spot in people’s ears, heart and playlists.

Can you give us your thoughts on where EDM is going in the next 3 years?

Electronic music scene is made of cycles. It’s hard to predict where the styles are going to be in a few years. I believe that EDM will change over the next years as all the other styles. The transformation is necessary in order to keep things interesting.

I heard “Fuego” and immediately loved the blend of the Narcos theme song. What inspired that?

Narcos got really big in Brazil because it’s a Brazilian actor. I just felt like if we added Narcos, it was really going to go up. We bought the rights for it. It was difficult [at first], but after finally communicating with them, we released it and it’s doing well.

Tell me about what went behind creating the video for “Hear Me Now.”

For the video, I was influenced by the passing of my grandmother. I had the feeling that I wanted to hug her one more time but I was too busy doing my stuff. I just tried to make a video, which showed this. And I didn’t put a death in it because it would be too heavy, but I tried to put a situation where you [could] also lose. Don’t tell someone you love them tomorrow—tell them today.

Can you tell us more about “Never Let Me Go”?

Thank you all very very much !!!! This track is as profound and deep as Hear me Now and we believe that it should also become a track to remember. It means so much to us all to receive such support and numbers from all around the world.

How was the collaboration with Bruno Martini and Zeeba?

Let me start by saying that It is always special to work with both Bruno Martini and Zeeba. We seem to have a great chemistry in the studio and the results always end up talking for themselves. We basically worked in a similar methodology again and the production came up quite well and satisfactory for all of us.

Do you have any cool production tips you can share for aspiring producers looking to improve their skills?

If there is one thing that I could say is that you should believe yourselves and not let other people make you think otherwise regardless of the equipment that you are using. If that works as a consolation I have written some of my most predominant releases in a laptop with nothing but VSTS and a headphone. If I did you can also do it!!


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