Press Play might hail from the small town of Bendigo in rural Victoria, but his national (and international) appeal has seen him relocate to Melbourne to become one of the most in-demand Australian DJs. Armed with an exclusive arsenal of his remixes. originals & edits, Press Play has enamoured himself to crowds that stretch the breadth of Australia and beyond. Regularly touring Australia, Press Play has featured on some of the world’s biggest music festivals alongside the world’s biggest acts – most notably Creamfields in the U.K. – the worlds biggest music festival, and then went on to be booked on the Australian Creamfields main stage in 2017 alongside Deadmau5, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & more. On the production front Press Play has carved a huge name for himself with regular signings on the Ministry of Sound subsidary label Hussle Recordings. His track ‘Get F*cked Up’ made the Beatport Electro House Top 25 chart and also cracked the overall Top 100 Beatport chart. His signings with Ministry of Sound Australia all featured in the Beatport charts, with both ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Bollybounce’ storming into the Top 30, just to name a few. His most recent release, ‘Like This’ came out in August 2018 on Will Sparks label ‘Bourne’ and hit the top 10 on the Beatport Psy Trance charts.

What was the first tune you paid for to download or on vinyl and still influences what you produce today in the studio looking back on your record collection?

The first CD I ever bought was Fedde Le Grand – Put Your Hands Up (For Detroit). I heard it in a nightclub and fell in love with EDM from that moment.

Any other music blood in your family? Do they check in on your regular madness in the studio and in the clubs?

All of my family are extremely musical, our Christmas parties consist of the whole family sitting around jamming. You name an instrument and I’ll guarantee you that one of my family members is an expert at it!

Press Plays Current top 5 club bangers are?

1 Uberjakd & Reece Low – Cairo
2 Press Play – Like This
3 SCNDL & Ben Nicky – Hot Plate
4 Reece Low & Chardy – Medusa
5 Lockdown – Brain Knocker

If you could go back and change one thing in history it would be?

The Holocaust was arguably one of the most, if not the most, dreadful things to ever take place, so I guess I would try and prevent that somehow.

What colour underwear do you like?

That’s a weird one haha. White though!

Any hangover tips?

Eh, I don’t think there’s really any preventative cures or anyway to treat it, you kind of just have to man up, lay there, and die. Gatorade & sleep are good though.

While your in Bali whats the plan in between gigs? Any go to restaurants you wont be missing out on?
What’s your tips to sleeping on airplanes in between shows ?

You can’t do a Bali trip without hitting up Motel Mexicola for some fun, and Sarong for some fine dining. I’d like to try some other places that I haven’t been before, any suggestions? I can’t really sleep on planes, which sucks, being a touring DJ… I need a bed to be able sleep.

Favourite things to do on Mondays outside of the clubbing industry?

Monday is my day to literally do nothing, I don’t want to talk to people, I just want to watch Netflix! Stay away from me on a Monday, haha.

Back on the music and back on track! Tell us about your studio? Where is it? Whats your set up?

I don’t have a home studio currently, I just run Ableton on my MacBook Pro with some production headphones.

How about collabing bro?? How do you do the long distance thing?

I currently have a collab with Timmy Trumpet in the works that i’m super excited about, that guys dominating at the moment, and another awesome one with Mashd N Kutcher, the collab kings. Generally if you’re in a different state, or country, one of us will do the first half, bounce the stems and send the other the project, then the other will finish it off. Or sometimes send it back and forth until the track is there!

What is it in the water in Melbourne that makes it such a creative hub for all things arts and music? The bad weather and all the time spent indoors?

Melbourne weather is ok! Give it a break, haha. No idea! I guess everyone just bounces off each other and helps each other out.

If you weren’t DJing what would the Melbourne life have install for you?

I used to do a lot of acting, mainly film and TV. I would probably get back into that industry if I wasn’t spinning the 1’s and 2’s.

Next up for Press Play is?

Well as I mentioned I have a few big collabs coming, I also have a song called B4SSLINE coming out on Reece Low’s label in January. I’m really hoping to step it up in 2019. I reckon 2019 is going to be my year, stay tuned


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