Israeli-born DJ and producer Guy Gerber founded the notorious Ibiza party brand Rumors, which in recent summers became THE hottest dance floor to see and be seen on. The unique combination of surprise line-ups, a seductive house sound track and undercurrent of sensual glamour has made it a firm favourite amongst those looking to experience the original “anything goes” Ibiza spirit. The kind of party that should read “what happens in Rumors stays in Rumors” at the entrance door. Rumors is in full tour mode currently ahead of the summer season in Ibiza at its prestigious residency in the chic Destino resort from superclub brand Pacha.

What preparation goes into your Rumors events normally from your side when taking on a new destination?

In general, before we decide to do a RUMORS event, i sit with my team and we decide which places are suitable for the brand. My pain part in the process is to decide which DJ’s to book, and what kind of decor / venue fits each city we’re bringing the brand to.

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Now that we have that out the way we would love to hear lots more about Rumors? How and where it started? Some of the acts that have graced the stage with you and some of the most memorable nights to date? The sound that makes it what it is and is there one song that really screams Rumours since the first event you masterminded and still have it in the shows nowadays ?

I had this night in Ibiza at Pacha called Wisdom Of The Glove – it was one of the most legendary (and also ridiculous) events in Ibiza. We got so much attention that we had to deal with so many of the politics in Ibiza, and at one point i just decided i was more an artist than promoter, so i didn’t want to have to deal with it all. I wanted to throw a party with no lineup, no set times, no locations, and call it RUMORS. I wanted it to be an alternative to the big parties in Ibiza that have huge lineups and huge promo campaigns, it was all about rumors. The first party got totally shut down by the police, which i loved – it just created more rumors, so i still thought i was winning. We ended up finding this beach bar, and the first few RUMORS parties were some of the most special moments I ever had in Ibiza. There wasn’t any promotion, it was all word of mouth, and to see that place from from 500 people to 3000 people every Sunday was amazing. Seeing people on the beach, barefoot, celebrating life was something I’ll never forget. In a way I also feel that RUMORS is my gift to Ibiza, an island I love so much – it was, and still is a free party aimed to bring people together with no boundaries. You have VIP’s, hippies, hookers, drug dealers, artists and other DJ’s all together in one place. Another memorable experience was the first time we moved the party to Destino. Everyone was expecting the old RUMORS, but it was something new, and it was so so special – it was amazing to see the brand grow and how it had become established in such a short space of time.

Another legendary RUMORS is the yearly party in Chinatown LA – we became the only promoters that were allowed to do a block party downtown. It’s alway me and DJ harvey which is amazing – the next one is May 5th.

Antoher favourite is London; RUMORS is usually a daytime/beach party, but every January we do one night-time show in London, and it’s amazing. It has that Ibiza/Mykonos vibe in the middle of winter in a carpark in London, it’s always so special. It’s so cold outside but so warm inside.

One of the most recently magical experiences was RUMORS TULUM this past January. I actually came up with Rumors whilst in Tulum 5 years ago, but for various reasons we never actually did a party there. This year we did the first event, and we didn’t know what to expect – nowadays there are a lot of parties there, but we found this beautiful location by the beach kind of in the middle of a forest, and when the sun came up I saw so many beautiful faces smiling, and i thought that was such a special way to start the year. I would love to bring that to Bali, that feeling has stayed with me since January.

We recently reviewed your latest EP ‘What To Do’ as our EP of the week and absolutely love. Once again it really fits into the Bali vibe with a little bit of everything within the package. What is the creative thought pattern that goes into a EP of the calibre as to us it seems like you really have intended to go for a wide varied package making sure its not just 3 club tracks aimed straight at peak time dance floors.

In general when i make tracks, and especially when I release them, there are a few things they need to fulfil. It needs to sound very good in the club, but i’m more interested in making music that people can listen to at home as well. It has to be less contemporary and more timeless. I grew up on rock and alt-rock music – EP’s are kind of like a mini album to me, rather than random tracks put together so people can play there. They have to all complete one message and be part of the story, sound-wise and melody-wise.

The artwork for your label is great, we love it! The latest release on Rumors is our favourite design to date. Do you always use the same designer? Is this something also you played a big role in from start from finish? How do you work on each individual design?

Thank you so much! I put a lot of effort into it. My manager always gets upset because i’m never satisfied until it’s ready which can take a long time, but it’s important that the brand has it’s own aesthetic and language, and i really enjoy working on it. In general i’m a big fan of comics and comic-book art, and i’m always looking for interesting images. I have a bit of passion for illustrated art. Usually i find a small part of a big image, take a picture and ask my designer to make something inspired by that image. We’ve been doing it for a long time, but funnily enough for that particular release – i tried a few designers, and nothing could stick. So one night, me and my manager just sat and decided to do it ourselves, and to be honest the whole process took us maybe 25 minutes. I found a picture I loved, and took a photo of a really small part of it, we scanned it, put some text on it and put it out. People seemed to love it!

I’m definitely really lucky to work with some really talented designers that are doing some special things, so after all these years I’ve decided i’m going to open up a creative agency and bring together some of these people to work for anyone and everyone, just making great art.

You must have seen some amazing changes in the technology in the studio thru your career. What is the most influential change that you have seen in production technology both in the last 10 years and also in the last few months? What are some magic plugins and software that have also been a game changer for you in recent times?

Technology has evolved a lot, but personally i’m more of an analog guy. I prefer to buy vintage equipment than new stuff. But it’s true that a lot of music these days can be created just with plugins – the fact that you can record audio on your computer without tapes is such a big step, you used to need a fully functional professional studio that most people couldn’t afford. Today if someone is talented you can almost make a full album in your hotel room by yourself, this just didn’t exist when I started out. I remember carrying my desktop computer along with samplers and synths to many of my first live shows. I’ve been reading this book – it talks about how computers today can analyse music and generate something similar to it. I really believe in the pain of the artist, and the fact that personal experiences are used to create art, but i think in the near future music is probably going to be totally randomly generated by a computer depending on your mood, rather than an artist creating sadness using chords that represent an emotion.

Is your studio at home or close by? Any pictures or video tutorials we can check out more? Everyone really loves a sneak peak or some advise on what’s happening in the world of their favourite producer?

The studio is in my house, i prefer to have the ability to go there whenever I like. Sometimes my best work is created late at night, sometimes I wake up in the morning and have an idea. It’s actually the favourite thing in my house! As for pictures, you can go to my website (, and i’m also working with a company at the moment to put out some tutorials – they’ll be online soon!

If you weren’t touring the world doing what you love where do you think you would be right now? Is music something you always knew while going thru school was going to be your destiny?

I started out as a soccer player. The music side actually took many years for me to believe in myself; i mean I love music, it just took me a long time to realise that i might have some talent and that I just needed to make soemthingwith it, whether it was successful or not. If it didn’t work i guess i would have been in the food industry, i love food!

Lastly we would love to hear what’s next up with Guy Gerber? Anything happening outside of the electronic music world we should know about ?

As always, i like to surprise the world. I’ve been kind of quiet for a while, but this summer there’s going to be a BIG announcement for a project i’ve been working on for around 2 years – you’ll have to wait and see.

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