Playing all over Indonesia, T-Sha waves the flag for one of Jakarta’s premier collectives DJ management Trigger Production and plays her blend of R&B, Hip Hop, House, Deep House and Electro at establishments such as Dragonfly, SKYE, Jenja, Mirror, etc and of course, the party that brought her name to the forefront – “IN EFFECT” at Lucy In The Sky. Grinding since the early 2000’s – this dancer turned vocalist turned DJ never shies away from a challenge and always ready to solidify her spot in the scene further with her many offerings. Establishing herself as a DJ in 2014, she has been spinning not only in Indonesia, but all around the globe such as Spain, Netherlands, Australia and other countries in Asia which got her crowned as R&B and Hip Hop DJ of The Year 2017 by Paranoia Awards. Teaming up with a newcomer singer Nadhira Suryadi, T-Sha recently released her debut single “HOLY MOUNTAIN”, a song of love and longing, the lyrics ride over the intricate an upbeat track and perfectly reflects T-Sha’s Multi-Genre DJ sets dripping with Pop, R&B and Dancehall.

Hello T-Sha, how are you? It’s so good to finally meet you. Let’s get on to the first question. So, how did you start your DJ career?

Hi Stev, I’m good! Thanks for reaching out!☺ I started my DJ career on early 2014, when I had a lot of spare time and decided to take a DJ course. Lolsss…

Nice… we believe it’s been an amazing 3 years for you. So, what’s the story behind you and trigger management? And how did they help with your amazing career until today?

Yes it was indeed ☺ Me and the Trigger boys, we go wayyy back. I first met them in 2008, and we’ve been good friends ever since. In 2015, a year after I started DJ-ing, Stan asked me to join the crew, and I happily accepted it!😁 Everyone has a big role in helping my career, if there’s anything that I wanted to ask about DJ-ing, either it’s technical or not they would help me immediately! All the Trigger boys and girls are like family to me!

Now,let’s talk about your DJ life. You’ve been playing in a lot of clubs, and festival. How did you prepare your set for a club or a festival? And what’s your top 3 venues and why?

Hmmm… How I prepare my set is usually based on the time that I’m playing, I have different set for warm up, build up, and peak hour. So there’s that!😜

My top 3 venues are;
1. SKYE (Jakarta); I’m a semi resident at SKYE now for the past 1.5 years, and what I love about the place is how versatile the crowd can be. And most of the guests are very appreciative towards my music.
2. Escape Club (Amsterdam); It’s a whole lot different vibes than I’ve ever experienced in Indonesia!
3. Lucy In the Sky (Jakarta); Cuz that’s where we have IN EFFECT every month! Hahaha

Trigger is an management that famous for their R&B & Hip-Hop DJs. Is that your favorite genre? Or your on the “other side”? Like electro, house, bass house, trap or others?

Yesss, I’ve been listening to R&B and Hip Hop since I was a little girl. My all time favorites are the 90’s! But I do play House, Deep House or Trap too sometimes.

In every DJ’s career, they had their own role model as a performer. What about you? In these amazing 3 years, have you ever met those person or even share the stage and even produce a song together with them?

My role model is for sure, Irwan Kartosen from Netherlands and yes I’ve shared the same stage with him twice in these past 3 years, Dreamfields Festival Bali in 2015, and then Soundfest Festival in Citos on 2016.😍

Dream come true 🙂 For these past couple of weeks, Bali already held a lot of international events from Pacha, Ultra and Resistance. What do you think about the enthusiasm from the Balinese crowd from the locals to the international DJ’s? And can you tell us about your experience playing at Dreamsfields back in 2015?

For me Bali crowd is more advanced than Jakarta, and definitely more versatile also. Therefore, whatever music you’re playing they would appreciate it more, I love Bali crowd!!! 😜 Dreamfields was my first ever big festival and to be opening for Irwan Kartosen alongside other local heroes such as Cream, P-Double, Stan etc is an honor! Remembering that I just started DJ-ing a year before that.

You will be one of the talent at GLOH Festival, how do you feel about that? And any special preparation for this upcoming festival?

I’m excited to play at GLOH Festival! Pool party is always fun lols! I’m definitely gonna throw some sunset vibes for this one!

So it’s definitely gonna be the opposite of your real genre… it’s gonna be an excitement challenge. Can’t wait for that. What are the things that makes you really exciting with the pool party?

Cuz it’s a fuckin POOL PARTY!!! Who doesn’t love good music and good vibes like literally? Lols. What makes me exciting that, it’s gonna be a challenge for me to play on sunset, which I haven’t done a lot but I’d definitely love to!

Since 3 years ago, we believe that you already tried a lot of kind of CDJ’s and even turn table. What is your favorite DJ set-up and why? Also, what is your favorite set up when you produce a song?

My favorite ’til now is still CDJ 2000 and DJM 900(nexus). Nothing can beat that! I play with Serato so what really matters is actually the mixer, and my favorite stand still! DJM 900 cheaaaa!!!😂

Oh and, my favorite set up would be…… FRUITYLOOPS STUDIOOOO!!! Hahahaha

Last, outside from the DJ world, what is your hobby? Or do you have any business that our reader should know?

Other than DJ-ing? I love to DANCE!!! All of my closest friends knows that my passion is dancing!(other than DJ-ing of course!)
I still dance, and I will continue dancing til my bones are breaking and my legs are too weak to dance!😜 Just make sure to stay tune on my social media peeps! Cuz imma drop my 1st single ever and I promise you it’s gonna be PURE FYAHHH!!!🔥🔥🔥


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