T.Roy is responsible for the production projects and selection of music that is released on the boutique Broadcite music label catalogue. Doubling up as a tastemaker DJ producing a selection of hot upfront mixes for various FM & online radio platforms, when he is not playing sets or producing fresh also with his distinctive vocal timing, style and charisma T-Roy continues to be the host MC of choice for many UK / global music festivals and events such as – COOP, Asabaako festival (Ghana), Weekend Festival Aubord de leau (Switzerland), Worldwide Festival (France), Sunsplash Festival (Turkey), TOGETHER, Broadcite sessions and More. Crafted from his Ghana roots and experiences in the 1990’s UK commercial music circuit, T-Roy is known to be ahead of the curve before the masses jump on a new sound, one of the foundation promoters and advocates of experimental African music and the deep Afro house sound to evolve out of London over past and recent years. Having previously hosted radio shows on London’s ‘Rinse FM’ between 2010 -2012, and taste maker radio stations such as ‘Nuwave Radio’ T-Roy continues to bring the new generation of sound that stays on the edge and fresh, connecting tradition with Diaspora. Truly a humble and seasoned artist that represent’s the constantly evolving underground music from the UK and African Diaspora.

Your career spans a couple of generations now and you’ve managed to always keep ahead of the pack with the sounds that you’re pushing as a DJ but one thing that’s always been of your sound is the afro vibes.

Yes Ive been crossing the tracks and experimenting with African music for a while, I have always supported alternative and experimental sounds and that has kept me on the edge of past and emerging music scenes. Having spent my early years living in Ghana my Asante heritage helped me to connect the dots creatively through my music.

Currently we are experiencing a massive resurgence in all things afro – how do you compare the sounds and trends we are currently hearing in the charts on download portals and when you first started DJing and collecting records, more so the similarities and the massive differences? The Differences in the productions levels and the similarities in what drives the dance-floor? 

If you dig into the productions of some chart topping music over the years you will find strong influences from Afro beat and other African vocal arrangement influences within the music. The African diaspora sound has always contributed in some way to the sound of modern popular music culture. From the dance moves used in music video’s through to the highly percussive and rhythmic beats you hear in popular music. African music encourages movement of mind body and soul, this is an effective ingredient in dance music.

On the subject of comparing things from back when you started what was the first Afro flavoured record that you can single out that really got you hooked on DJing and production? How does it shine thru in the sets you play nowadays and influence what we will be hearing at your upcoming show at Bali’s hottest new late night affair – The Vault? 

Many tracks that had me hooked on the fusion of Africa influenced music, one very cool joint that really caught me was “Voodoo Ray” back in 1988 it was an Acid House single by A Guy Called Gerald. I think this comes through in my DJ sets, I mix deep house and AFROTech music with some more party flavour afro beat vibes. I will be dropping some of this and more at the Vault this month.


The producers that were putting out constant records back when you started your craft that are still putting out consistent quality records now-days and you are still playing are who that first come to mind? 

Producers like Marc Mac (4Hero), IG Culture, Osunlade, Afronaut, Phil Asher are a few names from a long list of producers that come to mind.

There is a crazy amount of new guys putting out some great music right now, who do you see as the biggest producer to break thru in the last 18 months? Who do you think will be the next guy you have stumbled across on your travels to take his sounds to the global stage in a major way?

I think Black Coffee from South Africa has made some great moves to open up the doors for Alternative African music over the last 18 months.

Your current top 5 club tracks are?

1- Samburu – Saint Evo , 2- Ye -Burna Boy, 3- Get Away –Scott Ross, 4 – This is
America – Masters at work remix , 5 – Africa to Detroit – Detroit in Soul



Your favourite track to listen to right now when you’re looking to switch off from club and touring and drift of into the sunset is?

When I switch off and chilling im listening to something like Oumou Sangare’s album Moussolou

The Disko Afrika guys that you are heading to Bali with are starting to really make some noise out this way in Asia.
How did you meet up with them and what else have you guys got planned?

We met through a mutual music friend Wunmi and found we had other artist connections linking us up to expand the circle.

Can you tell us a bit more about Disko Afrika and what they are all about?

About Disko Afrika , DA party born in bali with the attention to share music from the mother land ,
Disko Afrika party is a celebration and a platform to bring the community and everyone together to dance and spread love and peace .when the drums call the heart respond and we communicate throught the univesal language we call it music . Uhuru Afrika

As a MC your services are in top demand, can you tell us some of the artists you have supported? After a quick read about some of the feedback from some acts you have supported they really express you bring something different to the table when you MC for them compared to other vocalists in the past. What do you think that is mostly exactly?

I have supported a range of DJs from Bugz In the attic, Giles Peterson, Rainer Truby, Louie Vega, Boddhi Satva + More at various festivals. The reason I think DJs continue booking me to join them and host the Mic will be my awareness of space required in the music when I am on the set. Because I both DJ and produce music I understand timing and when to let the song breath. Good MC’s always wait for the breaks

Can we hear some of your favourite vocal work to date on any records anywhere for our readers?

Check out my new single on all platforms called ‘‘Watching You’’ feat TY with Melo B Jones.

You have had some huge radio show duties in the past including on RInse FM. What are your current radio commitments and how do you keep it all happening with so much touring?

I am currently focused on my production projects so Radio show will happen the end of this year, I am currently speaking to a few stations and will decide what works for my sound. Catch my live mixes on soundcloud for now!


What have you heard about Bali’s latest underground club The Vault so far? The vibe? The location? The crowd?

I have heard really good things about The Vault Bali, Fantastic sound system and a vibrant upfront crowd of heads open for new music experience. It sounds great!

While you are here in Bali what else do you have planned outside of the music world? Favourite restaurants? The beach you have always wanted to check out?

Im looking forward to checking out the amazing Temples, Seminyak Beach and some of the nature parks if time permits.

Whats next up for T-Roy ? 

I am finishing off my new studio experiment album called ‘’On the set’’ where I will be featuring on vocals and production, also working on the follow up to my ‘Bush meat’ project. Then more DJ sets & festivals. Ready for 2020.



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