Originally from Siberia, Katty Q. is, without doubt, one of the most traveled International female DJs in the circuit as of 2018, requested by fans of different genres all over the world. What makes her DJ sets and appearances so unique, Katty Q. has never been showcasing only 1 style, rather made her name as an Open Format DJ throughout the popular genres, being dubbed the “The Queen of MashUp” with exceptional technical skills, mesmerizing stage appearance and the ability to read her crowd like no other, either on the big stage of EDM festivals, the intimate club experience or at one of her regular gigs in Super Clubs all across Asia, Europe and last but not least Russia, where she is a resident DJ for the most luxurious brands and venues, including one of Moscow’s major venues – ICON – since 2013. In recent years Katya, what is her real name, who is a professional international model since the tender age of 14, has appeared on numerous magazine covers, sets of catalogues of major brands and even been an actor/model in music videos, commercials and movies, plus being booked for projects and corporate events with world-renowned brands such as Swarovski product launches, “Russian Standard” – (exclusive tour DJ on a tour in all Asia), official DJ “Miss Russia”, FHM DJ tour, Hennessy Artistry, Official DJ Mag Asia and DJ Mag China Tour DJ, FDJ List Asia Club Tour and the list goes on. The following destinations have been conquered by Katty Q, who has already gathered hundred thousands of fans throughout the four corners of the world. Party capitals like Moscow, St Petersburg, Barcelona, Beirut, Singapore, Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Tivat, Bahrain, Delhi, Goa, Zurich, Paris, Riga, Frankfurt, Cologne, Jakarta, Bali, Yangon, Shanghai, Manila, Cebu, Hanoi & Saigon are the places you will meet Katty Q. voted “World Sexiest female DJ 2015/2016/2017” 3 years in a row in the prestigious “World’s Sexiest DJ” by Clubbing9 Network & EDMdroid magazine, Playboy’s favourite DJ same as 2 years in a row coming 2nd in the list of Russian international female DJs just short of Nina Kravitz.
KattyQ ranked World’s Number 9 on the FDJ List Top 100 in 2018 and has signed upcoming releases on 2Dutch and Armada Music.

You’re from Russia correct but reside in Bali? How on earth did your career choices and journey in life land you here?
It looks like your on a plane every weekend jetting of to some far of luxury destination or great little club show. Do you see Bali as a great gateway to spend the days in between shows?

That’s right, I am from Siberia, living in Bali now for more than a year. Before I moved I’ve visited twice for gigs and it was enough to understand for me this is the place to be. I simply felt in love with it and between all the countless travels I’m happy to call Bali my “home away from home.

How about outside of DJing – what else are you up to in Bali? Anything else planned in the music world? What do you to to relax and switch of from music mode while on the island of the gods?

To me Bali is a very calm place if compared to the mega cities I used to live such as Moscow or Saigon. You can spot me the morning at the beach walking my dog or having a bikini photo shoot for IG haha. I am also getting much inspiration for my music and productions while taking some days off midweek and between gigs and travel.

Outside of Bali whats your favourite club to play at in Indonesia? How about Asia as whole your favourite club and why?

There are many nice clubs in Indonesia and I have played at a great share of them already. I think my favourite gigs so far were in Jakarta at Colosseum & Empirica. I also play at Jiggy Boat Party sometimes when I’m in Gili. Fun parties happening there and very pretty sunset view with open minded people from all over.

How do you compare the club scene in Russia compared to Bali? The music? The people? the drink prices? The production?

Russian nightlife industry is much closer to European kind of style, it’s hard to really compare those different markets. Parties start late and last longer. Here people like to go to beach club, dinner and probably start partying straight after and till 3-4am. In Russia for example all just starts after 1am same as the preferred genres seem to vary much. In Russia I used to play only House & HipHop.

If you had to fly in a DJ from Russia right now to support you on tour who would it be? Why would you choose them? What about from Indonesia, who would be your local warmup DJ of choice and why?

I would bring over my good friend and colleague DJ Lars (Moscow). We did many collaborations together and always support each other. A DJ/Producer team I really like from back home are Matisse & Sadko who just recently just played here at my residency LXXY BALI. In Indonesia – (—-Maybe u know?)

Where else are you heading to this year to perform that you haven’t visited already? The one place you never been booked to play is ? What makes you really want to go there?

I played in Germany and Latvia this summer for the first time in my life. Both gigs and countries were amazing. Last week I have been playing in Malaysia, Bahrain and Dubai, So far there are no plans to DJ in new countries for me this year, but hopefully I will visit soon the US and UK for these are the only 2 missing to complete my world travel map.

Talking about productions you have released a couple of tracks recently. How long have you been producing for? Who have you collaborated with? Do you have a small studio set up in Bali or are you working at a dedicated space?

I have released a number of tracks on European labels and just recently signed 2 tracks with Armada Main and 2-Dutch which I really consider a milestone in my career. I also had samplers and EPs on Discovery Music, a very popular EDM lable in South Korea and the US.

What are some of the labels you would like to see your productions appear on in the future and why?

I always wanted to release a track on Armada Music Label which I can tick of the bucketlist. I’m super excited for this release. I think something on Spinnin’ would be a great deal as it is for every EDM DJ/producer. We are working on it 😉

Your current top 5 is?

1. Pete Tong – Placebo
2. Mosimann – The Groove
3. Brohug – The Hunt
4. KattyQ & Fenix Pawl – Bones RMX
5. W&W – Rave Culture

Apart from your very successful DJ career you also have a massive background in modelling to correct? How do you balance two such busy employment choices? Do you have at team behind you that help you with your day to day movements?

Yes, I do have a massive background in modelling, but since DJing & Producing takes up most of my time I am not very active as model anymore. Also we all don’t get any younger, do we? Still, I always can squeeze in a little fashion shoot here and there in between my gigs. It’s fun to keep yourself busy, plus international gigs gave me such an opportunity to work with so many talented photographers, make up artists and designers. Some of those collaborations you can see in my Instagram profile : @DJKattyQ .

Back on the subject of Bali, we have a lot of readers always looking for new restaurants and great places to check out. Whats your top 3 restaurants and food hangouts in Bali?

When I’m in Canggu, Batu Bolong Street, easy to find me at Beach Garden – In The Raw Bali. Great organic fresh food, cold fresh pressed juices and also it’s walking distance to the beach. Simply THE BEST. There is one more place in Canggu, I found not so long ago but very happy with the food there. It’s called Quince Cafe in Pantai Berawa. Very nice for breakfast. And since I’m crazy about sushi – my last recommendation would be Kunti II. Simple and small but fantastic place.

How about your favourite coffee shop?

I like to have coffee near my villa at Eco Cafe Bali. Come by, lets have a cup or 2 😉

If you weren’t DJing or in the fashion industry looking back on your school days where else do you think you could of ended up living and working if we didn’t end up doing this interview with you right now?

Probably I would be helping my kids with homework or reading a bedtime story?

Next up for Katty Q is?

Hoping to archive more on my way and to be a part of others successful career. Building each other up should be a priority for all of us, rather than being so much in competition with each other.


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