Mike Cervello’s edgy, techno influenced sound has widened its global foothold significantly over the past year. Frequently playing sold out events in the United States, Asia and Europe, Mike Cervello has continued to deliver smash songs one after the next as well as bring that sound to new corners of the electronic music scene. Supported by household names such as Skrillex, Hardwell, Diplo and Yellow Claw. Mike Cervello’s record “SMACK!” ft. Cesqeaux accomplished the #1 status out of all the Barong Family’s tracks on Beatport and continues to be a staple track at festivals worldwide. Mike Cervello recently revealed multiple collabs on the new Barong Family ‘Shanghai Nights’ album and documentary release. Amongst them is “Namek” with Wiwek, a face-melting anthem and one of the wildest festival tracks released yet on Barong Family. Following successful appearances at festivals around the globe, you can expect to hear more from this emerging, Amsterdam-based producer.

Mike Cervello continues to branch out of Barong Family into a more different sound, with new single “Rave Child”

The dutch DJ/Producer has been around the block for a couple of years. Mike – whose real name is Michael Herssens – has made a name for himself over the past 4 years for his eclectic sound and multitalented productions. In 2015, Mike released what started it all, his “SMACK” EP, with which he gathered support from Hardwell, Diplo and Skrillex and reached the number 1 spot on Beatport.

Since then, he has collaborated with Wiwek, Jay Hardway and HI-LO, was praised by Laidback Luke on his “new school meets old school sound”, and has recently hit 10 million plays on his collaboration with Jay Hardway “EDM Bubble”. Now, Mike looks to kick it up a notch and starts 2019 with a bang(er).

The track – entitled “Rave Child” – starts out with a house-y beat, that quickly transitions into an old school melody reminiscent of 2unlimited’s “Get Ready for This”. The build-up climaxes nicely with the drop, which features the heavy kicks, distorted melody and overall vibes we’ve come to expect from Mike. The breakdown grabs the melody and adds a few adlibs to it, complementing the whole track.

You can check out the track in the link down below. What do you think? Let us know!



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