Raver. Record Collector. Music head. 10 years a resident DJ. One of the few that has made his name through his quality of DJing alone. Immersed in London’s rich electronic music scene over the last 20 years Rossko has carved out an original sound & armed himself with a relentless library focused on cutting-edge House & Techno alongside forgotten gems of the past. Capturing an artistry in his mixing and a total understanding of the dance floor means he can be found at both large scale events such as Kappa Festival, Sonus Festival & DC10 this summer as well as small intimate venues such as Robert Johnson, Sub Club & CDV. His DJ sets are slick, grooving and powerful, those who have witnessed him perform will note not only his diversity in his track selection but his ability to create a vibe rather than just playing to a crowd. Rossko’s residency leaves a mark in London’s clubbing history spanning over 10 years with ‘Fuse’ from the scene-defining 93 Feet East to its current dual home at Village Underground & Amnesia in Ibiza.
Now a Berlin-resident, 2019 sees him step up as head resident DJ & A+R for Infuse (Sister label to Fuse), he is already shaping to eclipse the success of last year with the launch of his own record label ‘Late Night Skanking’ whilst continuing his current label and project with Archie Hamilton as ‘Arkityp’. Nominated for best newcomer for 2018 at the DJ awards as well as his latest Conscious EP receiving a very rare 10/10 in DJ mag, it seems only one word can describe the rest of the year ahead in his own words, he simply replies; XL.

When and how did your passion for electronic music start?

I listened to a lot of pirate (illegal) radio stations in and around London about 17 years ago. Back then you had to listen all the time to discover new music. I was too young to get in the clubs and this was just before the Internet exploded. I used to record all my favourtie shows, take my Walkman to the record shop and ask the guys to listen, he would have one earphone and I would have the other one – I would fast forward to all the tracks I was crazy for and hope he would be able to pick them out for me. I was about 14yrs old at the time so it would take me about half hour just to pluck up the courage to ask them! even remember extending my aerial outside my bedroom window with a lot of coat hangers twisted together just to get a further reach hoping to find new radio stations. I was always in search of new music and discovering new DJ’s so I could show friends at school. It was a way of life for me back then.

Your sound seems to be a mix of house and techno vibes. How would you define it in few words?

London is fast, I’ve been through many scenes like Jungle, DnB, House&Garage, Grime, Early Dubstep – I’ve taken a pinch from all of these and that sound finds its way into my sets today – its my DNA. So it’s hard to describe my sound as I always evolve but if you must at the moment it’s slick, has attitude, it’s positive, timeless, deep and current with always the dance floor in mind.

You’re now a pillar of Fuse roster; why did you accept to become a Fuse resident and what do you like most about this team’s view of partying and of music?

We were all connected before Fuse in some way. Slowly we all gravitated and Enzo collectively brought us together – it’s his vision and ideology. When asked to be resident it wasn’t a hard decision to make. It’s always been about the resident’s – we are proud of this. It’s healthy. We created our own sound and that creates a special vibe you can’t find anywhere else, you see that on the dance floor with every party we do; people come to listen and be updated.

How did you originally get involved with FUSE and what inspired you to work alongside Enzo Siragusa and company?

It all started nearly 10 years ago… we were all just a bunch of ravers sharing the same passion, DJing and hanging out in East London. Enzo brought together the right group of guys who shared the same vision as he did. His ideology was about focusing on the resident DJs and his trust in us from the beginning, is testament to all our independent success, which in turn, grows and strengthens Fuse every year. Taking it from a messy Sunday after-party to a residency at Amnesia doesn’t happen by chance, Enzo created an institution and I feel proud that I’m sharing this journey with all the guys.

When FUSE first formulated, what were the original visions for the label? How have they evolved throughout the years?

Back then Enzo, Seb and Rich Nxt were making music just for 93 Feet East. That room had a particular sound and sonics – anything else didn’t really fit. Like all DJs and people in general, we all evolve and of course over the years, we started to play more Saturday night events. Fuse also moved to Village Underground – so yes, naturally it progressed to a bigger room sound. If you listen closely though, you can still hear our London sound and roots – that is very important to us – keeping our identity and staying true to ourselves is key.

What has been your proudest FUSE moment and why?

I think last year, me and Archie closed the main room at Amnesia for Fuse. Again, Enzo allowed his residents to step up and deliver. I will never forget that day. Many years of hard work came down to that one opportunity, when we played it was complete synergy, I actually can’t remember the set – they’re the best ones.

In terms of day-to-day operations, what are everyone’s roles behind the scenes at FUSE when it comes to running the label?

Enzo [Siragusa] has the final say for Fuse and Infuse. Seb [Zito] does the A&R for Infuse and I help a lot with finding new artists and connecting them with Seb. Seb has the ear and the discipline for the label – I love and see the good in everything that is sent – Seb knows what is right. Respect!

What do you think makes the FUSE rave experience so unique in comparison to any other?

Vibe. Connection. Emphasis on good sound. High quality music. Passion. Community spirit. Without the ravers we have no RAVE.

You operate almost solely as a dj and you have the great and essential ability to understand what the crowd wants. But which criteria do you use to choose the next record during a set? What’s the common thread in your style?

I’m a kinesthetic DJ – I feel – I try to connect and create a vibe. I’m super organised with my music; from my record bag, to my USB stick to my collection at home. I have my own system so I know where to find my music quickly whilst DJing – usually its in moods and colour. When I’m playing I know where to look and after a dig in that section – it just pops out at me and in my mind I say this the record you will play next. My brain makes the connection. Simple really. The less you think and the more you feel the better my DJ sets are in my experience.


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