Beating to its own drum of positive vibes and all round legit fun times is POOLCLVB. Defined not by a sound but more so a feeling, POOLCLVB culminates the fruits of chill and house with a distinct edge. The love of house, infectious vocals, full-bodied basslines and mesmerising hooks is the POOLCLVB way of business and was evident in original jams ‘Here You’re Mine’ & ‘Move Me’ which reached #2 on the ARIA Club Chart and received extensive triplej specialist radio play. Add to that a remix catalogue that includes the likes of A-Trak, Motez, Golden Features, Secondcity, Alex Adair, Yolanda Be Cool, and Odd Mob along with tastemaker support from the likes of A-Trak, Golden Features, Rufus, Bag Raiders, Hayden James, Pace and KLP – and you have yourself a well rounded feel for what the ‘CLVB’ is about.

Your name fits right in with Ulu Cliffhouse being a pool club itself how did you come up the name and idea?

Its a throw back to 1970’s Venice, California, The Dogtown Z-Boys era. When there were no waves, surfers would sneak into backyard pools and drain them so they had a concrete wave that breaks 24-7.. POOLCLVB is a tribute to that and their quest for an endless summer

Whereabouts are you from? Where did you go to school and what were some of your early childhood memories that you look back on now and think music was always going to be my career path and my passion?

I was born in Brisbane, but spent my childhood moving up and down the east coast of Australia, from Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Tasmania. This kind of movement resulted in me attending nine different schools,. Having to make start fresh and make new friends at each school, music, whether it be paying bass in jazz band or b-boy classes after school, played a huge roll in establishing friendships and connections with like minded people. Its always been a form of escapism posing as a hobbie, and im forever grateful Ive been able to build a career out of it.

What was the first record you ever purchased with you own money? How does that influence what we can hear in your DJ sets nowadays?

First record, and ultimately what initiated my love for house music was Pique & Nique ‘You Will Miss Me, that featured a remix by Kid Creme. This is an absolute filtered house weapon still to this day with a classic pianos and string hook. The vocal is brilliant and sassy, you know that ‘I don’t need no man’ type stuff that was big in the 90s?… I love that shit. My music draws heavily from that era in terms of the lyric content and up-lift. channeling real life emotions involved in relationships.

What are your other plans while in Bali before and after the show?

This is the second last show of my ‘Freefall’ tour, I’m most excited to check out Ulu Cliffhouse and take some much needed chill time before my performance at Splendour In The Grass. I’m talking sun lounges, meditation and margaritas.

For those who know your tunes arguably ‘Always’ has been your biggest hit to date correct? What year did it come out and what label did you release on it?

Still feels crazy to me, to hear my music referred to as a ‘hit’, but thank-you. Always the lead single of my debut You & Me EP released on EtcEtc last year. Pretty overwhelmed with the response it had, lyrically its quite a personal piece of music about my life at the time, never could of dreamed it would connect on a similar level with people that way it did.

On the subject of record labels are you signed exclusively to work with specific labels or with each release do you try and target the right home for each release? Tell us more about the train of thought when placing your releases?

I’m signed with EtcEtc here in Sydney, with fellow artists such as PNAU, Duke Dumont, Jax Jones and a stack of other super talented artists, an incredible team to be part of. I occasionally stretch my legs doing remixes on other labels, but EtcEtc is home for me. I just put out music when it feels right to me, when im happy with the product and I feel ready to share it with people. Deadlines and scheduling aren’t fun words, but im lucky to have an amazing team that can soak up a bit of that and let me focus on the fun stuff.

Your latest track is Freefall is another perfect tune that fits right in with the Bali vibes. The vocals are amazing, is this the first time you have worked with Doolie? How did the project begin? The plan on how to work on a track together? How did you guys meet? Any plans on a follow up? Or if not what is the plans for your follow up single? Any plans for a album coming soon to?

Doolie is incredible, she has a really epic career in front of her, I’m very lucky I got to work with her this early on. It all started with a lyrical idea from Owl Eyes, of Flight Facilities.. We got it over to Doolie, she did her thing on it and knocked it out of the park with so much honesty and a melancholic feel that came across so natural. I would LOVE to do another record with Doolie, we haven’t performed Freefall live yet, so im super excited for that to happen too. Im always writing and collaborating, so whilst an album is a little down the track, its most certainly a goal of mine.

In the studio what are you producing with? Any go to analogue gear of plugins that you just cant do without in the production process besides your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ?
Any pictures of your studio?

I write on logic, mostly with the inbuilt software like Es2 and the Esx24 sampler without a lot of bells and whistles. Few usual suspects like Massive and the other Native Instruments all-stars join the party form time to time and I usually start out on with Maschine for my drums. But yeah, keep it pretty mobile and software based these days so can beat make anywhere.


How have you seen production change over the past few years with technology and workflow? What have been some game changers in your ears and eyes?

One of the coolest and biggest shifts ive felt is in the collaborative process, with the dawn of the internet and social media, i can collaborate with an artist real time on the the other side of the world having never even met in person. Seems less is more these days, studio set ups are smaller and smaller to allow artists to work remotely with an entire studio at their finger tips.

Poolclvbs current poolside top 5 tunes are?

Fabich – What I Wanted (Feat. Moli)
Cosmo’s Midnight – Get To Know (Feat. Winston Surfshirt)
Jarami – Here This
Dua Lipa – IDGAF (Young Franco Remix)
Crvvcks – Just You


If you could change one thing in the music industry right now what would it be?

Lock out laws and curfews for Live Music Venues in Australia, particularly Sydney.


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