Jay Hardway is a natural born drummer and producer. This youngster from the South of Holland is currently climbing his way up to the top! Jay is inspired by all kinds of music; you can hear his passionate creativity and drive in every Hardway production! With big successes already achieved in his still short career, Jay Hardway is proving to be a special one. His collaborations with wonderboy Martin Garrix are big dance floor bangers, receiving world wide support from the biggest names in the scene.

Your latest track ‘Let Me Tell You Something’ is coming via Spinnin’ Records, so please tell us something about this one?

This track is a little bit different from anything I made before. It’s an 80’s music inspired track with analog sounding synths and it’s all based on a sample. The cool thing is that I made this sample myself. I was just messing around and made 8 bars of an 80s sounding track. I thought it would be cool to sample that part again and rework it into a more 2018 sounding track. I’m really happy with the outcome!

‘Let Me Tell You Something’ takes on more of a house vibe than some of your tracks over the years, but you have produced big room and other genres. What has inspired you to adapt your sound more recently on tracks like ‘Jigsaw’ with The Him and ‘Save Me’ with Mesto?

When I enter the studio I try not to think about what I’m going to make. I just try to let the creativity flow and come up with ideas. If I have some cool ideas I might turn them into tracks later and that’s when I think more about the “style” of the track. Most important thing is that I personally feel the track. Because of that you can still hear my influences in every track, even if they are different in genre.

What does this record say about your musical evolution as an artist?

I try to do something new every track, I don’t really think about working in a certain direction. What I love about this particular project is that you can hear both our influences. It’s not a track by the Him, it’s not a track by Jay Hardway, it’s a track by The Him and Jay Hardway and that’s what I’m always striving for in every collab.

The track is featured on Spinnin’s New Dance Music Friday playlist on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. How important is streaming to you?

I love the fact that you can reach a really big audience with it. If your track gets picked up by certain big playlists it reaches a million streams within no-time. This is amazing, because without streaming you would be more reliant on radio stations supporting your tracks. I also love the idea that my tracks are in some personal playlists by users around the world.

You’ve had great collaborations in the past, you have numerous tracks with Martin Garrix. How did you guys get together? Have you been friends for a while?

We met on a forum actually. We were making music and he was like hey, I like your music and I was like hey, I like your music! It went like that. He was like hey come to my studio and a friendship was born. We made music and he’s very down to earth. Especially us Dutch guys! It’s good to see in the U.S that there are more and more artists like that who don’t see each other as competition because that’s not going to work. I think that’s the main thing and why people love going to festivals as well. Even though it sounds very cliche, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. No one gives a shit it’s just like yeah let’s go party!

You’ve gone solo on the new track, but have worked with so many producers in the past, some of whom have been mentioned. Who is your favourite artist(s) to work with?

Everyone I worked with has inspired me so much, that’s also the reason I worked with them in the first place. I think it’s important to work with people that inspire me and whom I feel connected with on a personal level. Working with Martin Garrix was really cool, because of his talent and personality, but also because we worked together on several tracks before we both were DJ’ing as much as we do now. We didn’t know where all of this was going, so we were just having fun making new music.

Your long-lasting relationship with Martin Garrix has resulted in a number of tracks with him in the past. Is there anything currently in the works with Martin?

Martin and me keep in touch but are both incredibly busy at the moment. I think we will probably work on something again and I would love to release a track on his label STMPD Recordings.

What more have you got planned for the remainder of the year? Is there many more releases planned or are you going on studio lockdown?

I have a newtrack with Mike Cervello coming up and I’m still finishing some projects of my own. A real studio lockdown is difficult because of touring, so I have to postpone that lockdown until January probably haha! But when I’m at home I’m always working on music, even if it’s only one or two days a week, so there is plenty of new Jay Hardway music coming!


Your fans have all loved seeing you interact with them online, either teaching them tips or giving feedback. What’s the idea behind that?

The idea behind it is like when I started there were all these producers who made it really difficult for me to learn, with all the techniques and things making them look really smart and really amazing but, making music is not about that. Making music is more about trying some shit and just having some fun. If it sounds good it is good and I think especially when you’re just starting to make music that’s important to realize, and I want to show my fans and other people that. It’s not that hard, if you’re a creative person just do stuff. Make stuff.

Is that one key piece of advice you’d give to aspiring producers?

I think that’s my main advice. I taught myself and I’m still teaching myself and I always will be. I just do stuff and sometimes it sounds good and sometimes it doesn’t. With the ones that don’t sound so good, I put them away…very far away!


Catch Jay Hardaway at Sky Garden on Saturday 22.06.19
More info here


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