Never ending music versatility comes in the form of Dutch DJ/producers duo Magnificence who are changing the sound of house as we know it. Whether they are producing at home in the Netherlands or working with artists in a Miami studio, these two are serving up a seemingly endless stream of guest mixes, remixes, and bootlegs that are grabbing the attention of top talent everywhere.
Their sound is as diverse as can be, spanning from tribal chants sampled on their remix of Mory Kante’s “I Wouli Ka Don Ke” to deep house cuts featured in their collaborative remix with Jaz von D for Ace Wilder’s “Busy Doin’ Nothin” this duo is on a fast-­‐track for major success. With pieces that have been supported and included in sets at music festivals from senior talent, Magnificence are perfecting the art of producing a wildly different sound while staying totally relevant at the same time.

A little background info into “Magnificence” and how you both got started in electronic music?

Our story started 7 years ago when we met each other at college in our hometown of Leeuwarden, that’s all the way up north in The Netherlands. At the time we wanted to become teachers, but crazily we both ended up becoming DJ’s! During this period in our lives we discovered that we were both passionate about making music, and one day we ended up producing together. In this period we became best friends and basically sat in the studio together 24/7. That’s where Magnificence began.

How would you describe your new sound and what genre’s do you take inspiration from?

We feel it’s a mixture of percussive electro house, filled with synths and sounds often used in drum & bass. But to label it genre-wise… we’re open to suggestions!

As producers/songwriters, what advice do you offer to any kind of musician starting to create or write music?

Find your sound and passion! This means at first to discover a lot of different sounds and different genre’s, trust us, you will learn so much from this. When you start producing music you can learn a lot from your favourite artist, trying to rebuild tracks you love will give you more insight into how you can find these sounds on your own. When things get a get more serious, we would advise to never produce music that doesn’t suit your personality or your taste, because no matter how hard you’ll try it will not sound sincere. Even if that’s the most popular sound, it probably doesn’t work for you. For us, the one reason to produce music is that we are absolutely passionate about creating new music, please don’t produce music because you see it as a potential job or cash influx.

What kind of music do you like listening to in your free time and who are your major influences?

Maurice: “ We both listen to a lot of different sounds. I really love to explore all kinds of genres, however, my favourite genre that I like to listen to is funk and disco from the 70’s and 80’s.”

Robin: “I listen mostly to Indie music, it’s somewhere where I don’t have to think too much because when I listen to music I always make these calculations about why it sounds like that. With indie and chill music I like to relax and just go with the easy vibe. I’m a big fan of RY X that is a great example of the vibe where I was talking about. If it comes to dance music Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Tiesto, & Martin Garrix have a great influence on me and how they translate their music to people and their shows. I also like analysing a-lot of different genres like hip-hop, dancehall and rock music. I’m always trying to find those specific elements and try to translate these into a different perspective in my music. In a sense make it more sound like “me”. I think music overall has a major influence on me and my daily life.”

You guys are just hot off the release of the second Magnificence EP can you tell us about how it sort of all came together?

I think how it all came together it was more because of what we did with the previous EP. We really wanted to extend our artistic standard & innovate it you know? We really didn’t want to copy the sound of the first EP, which is what kicked off the plan to call it two (II). The two stripes we have on the artwork are also connected to this idea. Songs wise I basically came up with an idea to do a song for our sets which we hadn’t done before one with 115 BPM. That’s where the idea of ‘Lights’ came in from, I texted the guys over at Goja and we started sending stuff over & that became ‘Lights’.

Yeah the main focus for us with this EP was the fact that we wanted to do something that defines us as Magnificence & we wanted to do something different from the first EP. We wanted to visualize the way we think about, see and feel our music. That’s the reason why we did these videos and the whole thing around it. We wanted to make it us like really us. I think that’s the main difference between the first & second EP. It’s more of a focus on identity, let’s call it that. The second EP was very driven by the idea of what we see Magnificence as.

So in terms of production & sound design how much would you say your sound has evolved over the past year since the first ‘Magnificence EP’?

Yeah it’s almost a year gap between the two EP’s and I think for us you should not look at it as a long period because what we’re doing now is something that we did five years ago as well. But as time passes, you keep evolving yourself and your sound into something better. I don’t think that we look too much to what others are doing with their music right now. We just wanted to make music the way we think about it. But if I think about it, the first EP is Magnificence, the second EP is still Magnificence but the way we experienced music in that year gap is why the second EP became like it is. I think so too and sound design wise yeah, of course, you use better plugins & you learn more over time. Because of that, the quality keeps on going higher because you’re doing it for so long. I think its ten years almost now? So by that time you kind of know what you’re doing. You put a lot of effort and time in because you want to be better & this shows in our music.

You guys have gotten so much support from so many big DJ’s like Martin Garrix, David Guetta & most notably Swedish House Mafia, which for a lot of people was the point of introduction to Magnificence. So what did it feel like then & now? To have such big names & legends of the scene supporting you guys so heavily at their shows?

Robin: Yeah it’s really surreal. Like it doesn’t feel real? I still can’t believe it’s still happening you know?

Maurice: The fact that people are supporting us feels kind of similar to the fact that finally, after eight years of doing this, everything fell into its place for us you know? For me, it’s so special when all these big artists are actually supporting you and that’s the best feeling you can ever get because this is what we like to do. But you know if David Guetta is supporting our record that’s for me as special as someone else that isn’t into music. It’s the validation that our music is good you know? Every opinion is really important in that way. But the fact that people, in general, are finally seeing that we know what we’re doing that feels like a big accomplishment.

Robin: And that’s the whole drive you know? When people recognize what you’re doing. And if it’s like Garrix or Swedish House Mafia it’s insane you know? And it feels unreal but like Maurice said we’ve been working for almost ten years now and we feel like it has to be now at some point you know? I’m really, really happy that it happened and that it’s happening & that we have people loving us & the music.

What can we expect from what’s coming next?

What you can expect is that what we are gonna put out is always something that we love, it’s always going to be different. And it’s not gonna be like if people ask like “Hey make a new song like ‘Cobra’ or ‘Closer’” we will. No, I’m not going to do that because there’s nothing to it because we already did that that you know. We’ve definitely started thinking about what’s the next step obviously for Magnificence. I think what we’re doing is a good way of doing it. We gonna work more with vocals. But I also think we’re going to do some big collabs. That’s something we speak about with other artists as well and that’s what we’re gonna do. And yeah we’re gonna mainly focus on our shows because we wanted them to be special. If you go to our show you experience a whole lot of new things. I think that’s the main focus for us.


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