The Netherlands has long been considered a fertile breeding ground for electronic music, and one man who’s very much indicative of the country’s new era of talent is Toman. Now based in Amsterdam, he moved to the Dutch capital in early 2018 — and has barely had time to pause for breath since. A producer who boasts an impressively prolific streak, Toman started his musical journey at an early age. More recently, his unique take on house and techno has led him to much-renowned outlets such as We R House, Cyclic, Blind Vision and Inermu, yet Toman’s story is no overnight success. On the contrary, his is one that that’s as attributable to a ceaseless work ethic as it is a supportive. music-loving upbringing as well as an unyielding love of music.

Fascinated by all things percussion, Toman began learning the drums in his early teens, a move that would eventually steer him toward what he considers the “unrestrictive complexities of electronic music”. A producer with an endlessly eclectic palette, Toman cites the likes of Underworld, Minilogue, and Terry Lee Brown Jr as influences, all of whom attest in some way to his own eclectic palette. From minimal to tech-house to house and deeper sounds, Toman’s diverse musical outlook is refreshingly hard to categorise.

In 2017, Toman’s first solo EP arrived courtesy of Mihai Popoviciu’s much-respected Cyclic. An ear-catching release that introduced us to a prodigious young talent, it was an impressive sign of things to come. Looking forward, Toman recently signed his debut vinyl EP to Cinthie’s much-loved we_r house label, with the Broodrooster EP supported by a diverse cast of globally-respected DJs such as Archie Hamilton, Terry Francis, Roger Gerressen, Rossko, Dorian Paic, Traumer, Waze & Odyssey, Alexi Delano and Eric Cloutier.

In between studio sessions, Toman continues to tour as a DJ, with bookings across his the Netherlands including the likes of Awakenings and Straf_werk festival. Outside of his native country he has also thrown it down it esteemed German clubs such as Berlin’s Watergate and Leipzig’s Distillery, in between playing in Zurich, Manchester and Bucharest to name a few. There’s no doubting that Toman is an individual beginning to leave his musical mark on the international scene. Watch out for him in a city near you soon.

Your musical journey is a bit different from others. After all, you managed to graduate from Herman Brood Academy in 2017. Can you tell us a bit about this experience? Did you produce music before that as well?

I was about 4 years old when I was playing around with pots and pans and (according to my mom at least) it didn’t sound so bad! So I started playing the drums shortly after and in 2004 I began making electronic music. I started out using FL Studio making my own hip-hop beats soon after. When I began clubbing and going to festivals a few years later I switched to Ableton and from then focused on minimal and house. One of my favourite tracks at that time was ‘Mountain006.1’ by The Mountain People. Actually’s it’s a track I still play today from time-to-time. My 3 years at the Herman Brood Academy was a great period where I met a lot of like-minded people and learned a lot about myself. After that time I was 100% sure I wanted to make a living out of music.

Electronic music is moving forward really fast and trends are changing almost every few months. How do you deal with that? Do you pay attention to trends and try to follow them at least a bit or do you just listen to your inner self?

I always listen to my inner-self, but of course, I always get inspired by new music. It’s not like I’m purposely following a trend but I do get inspired by it. During my bike rides I often listen to disco, hip-hop and drum & bass and find them a constant source of inspiration too.

What’s your studio like? Do you use any fancy hardware gear?

Actually, I like to work inside the box. I do have an Ableton Push which I use to jam and record my drums with. In the near future, I want to get a cool synth, I just haven’t found the right one for me yet.

When speaking about your music career, what would be your ultimate goal? Maybe running your own imprint, releasing an album or something deeper?

There are so many goals I still have to achieve, from managing my own label to travelling the globe, sharing my music with as many people as possible, playing big stages, playing intimate bars and releasing my own album. But I think the most important thing is not to forget to enjoy it all.

Despite the fact that you’re a newcomer in the music scene, you’ve already managed to perform at some major festivals such as STRAF_WERK, Extrema Outdoor, Awakenings and others. How did you get involved with them?

I released my first solo EP a year before which hit the top 10 for a few months. This gave me a lot of confidence and I started releasing more tracks. I did a few label showcases with Cyclic and Monocord in Romania and a few weeks later I got an unexpected call saying Awakenings Festival was already confirmed. A brilliant moment!


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