DJ since 1992, Pepperpot has been one of the key figures of the French electronic music scene. Exclusively dedicating to playing music for over 2 decades he has shared the decks with the most highly regarded global artists across all the shades of electronic music.

His passion for sound is uniquely projected through the depth, breadth and power of the music he plays. Spinning and blending a slew of deeply complex, organic electronic rhythms from the worlds of House, Minimal and Techno, he captures and directs the dancefloor in a way that only a truly experienced DJ can.

As resident of the legendary REX CLUB in Paris for 8 years, his influence has had a subtle yet profound impact on the scene, and his work has been instrumental in the city’s revival as an electronic music mecca. Adapting his sound to fit the atmosphere and size of his audience, Pepperpot feels equally comfortable playing in front of thousands at a festival, or at the focal point of an intimate after party.

Since 2016 he has dedicated himself to the sandstone bedrock of Sydney, Australia – holding a residency at Sydney’s premiere Sunday event – S*A*S*H and the pinnacle of Australia’s festival calendar – Subsonic Music Festival. Aside to this, Pepperpot has continued flying his Parisian brand – Hello, where he has hosted a growing list of underground acts on a regular basis in Sydney. Making his presence felt around the Southern Hemisphere, his schedule also includes a residency for Transit in New Caledonia, as well as regular appearances in Bali, Fiji and New Zealand.

Pepperpot has also attached his name to various artistic collaborations, releasing tracks on major labels such as Silver Network, Serialism and Kaato Music.


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