An enigmatic talent with a flair for dance music is rising.At only 23 years, this Frenchman has begun to weave a sonic dream across the globe that is awakening many to the beautiful sounds his productions unlock. Bringing his artistic heritage and all his influences in his music, where precision and rhythm come together as one, he creates something unique on each piece of his art. And with productions catching the attention of tastemakers on a global scale, his is a name that is lingering on everyone’s lips. We all know Pablo’s paintings but have you heard Florian’s music?Let the new era of Picasso begin.

Has being the great grandson of the infamous Pablo Picasso had an effect or influence on your music, and how so?

It didn’t effect me directly, but more in a sense of being constantly productive. There wasn’t any days in Pablo’s life without art, and there aren’t any days in my life without music.

How productive was this period, that you spent in the studio working on your sound without releasing tracks?

The outcome was fantastic, and I was really able to nail a few tracks from that new side of me and also still play around with the EDM stuff. I’m just very happy and excited to show what has been made there! It’s just something I have never done or shown to anyone from my audience yet.

Can you pick 1 or 2 must plays in your sets and why?

Like I said before ‘Obsession’ has grown to be the dance floor banger of my sets so that one has to be in there and of course my collabs with Nicky Romero ‘Only For Your Love’ and the one with Martin Garrix ‘Make Up Your Mind’!

You released a track on Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings – Hikari. How long was it in the works?

This one was made a while ago, maybe like 2-3 years ago but going back and forth on the production and actually premiered at Tomorrowland 2017, the Protocol team then helped me finish it and made a few adjustments.

Quite a few of your songs have Japanese names as titles. How important has the Japanese culture, and your Asian roots been in helping you become an artist?

Florian Picasso – Japanese culture is just fascinating, I have developed a passion for Japan since I was a kid, I’m very much into Japanese gastronomy history and anime. I guess with the tracks I have made you can hear those sounds and melodies that are a blend of Asia’s culture. When you listen to Hikari, it is so rich in feelings.

You have become close with Steve Aoki in recent months and received support from him and the Dim Mak label, what has it been like working with Aoki and how has working with one of the biggest names in the game helped you to improve? Can we expect a collaboration in the future?

We actually have a track track together coming out pretty soon. Working with Steve has been an amazing experience in terms of guidance and sharing visions.

How did you find that transition? If you are mixing on vinyl it’s quite a different experience.

I started by mixing Hip Hop records on vinyls at 13 and then quite quickly switched to dance music when all the pioneers such as Daft Punk really change the game. Actually I still play hip pop in my sets but now its mainly dance music and I’m happy with what I am doing. Where did the journey take you, from making the music, you switched to the digital realm and you’re using some of that technology in the process of making music.

How did you incorporate what you do in the studio with what you do when you perform?

Florian Picasso: They are two different things. But when you are in the studio you are so happy you made the track, then you go and you play it, it’s kind of a reward and a test drive if people are going to react to it or not. But then, when you perform and you see a track isn’t working as well as expected, maybe its missing a sound or something like that. But I don’t really get my inspiration from being in a crowd or DJing for people.


What do you think is the most interesting development in dance music these days?

The pace that young producers are setting is crazy, sounds are evolving fast and it’s a good thing. It pushes the old generation to keep up with the talent of the youth. Look at DJ Snake, The Chainsmokers, Martin Garrix and Flume… over two years they changed the game.

What are your goals for the future?

Reaching as many people as I can with my music, and living the life I’ve always wanted to, be successful and write my own legacy.


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