first of tell us some of your background in the hip hop scene in Bali before you started DJing regularly at all the hot clubs and events around Bali. How did you get into Hip Hop? How have you seen the Bali Hip Hop scene change since you first started tagging Mum and Dads back wall?
I started Dj-ing when i was still learning at art college in bandung around 2009. First i start to play some jamaican dub reggae with sound system and mc. Playing in a small bar or campus aroung Bandung, and i think i have found new love in my life which is djing. Then around 2013 i decide to move to Bali which i start to play hip hop in deus sunday sesh at first.

Your still playing vinyl which is awesome to see and flying the flag for a whole new generation of hip hop enthusiasts in Bali – whats your set up your using when your at the club? Is is the same set up at home? How has your set up changed over the past few years and what do think will be next for vinyl technology with computer controllers?
I started to learn how to dj with turntables. Thats why i feel more comfortable with them and I usually have the same turntables setup in the club and at home as well. Not much changing on the set up but technology has definitely improved so much and gives the turntablist a significant new way to play by using the dvs system which allow us to play with turntables without having difficulties of bringing dozen of vinyls to a gig


Apart from the amazing local talent we have here in Bali who else outside of Bali from Indonesia is kicking on the decks in your opinion? what makes them stand out from the rest of the pack?
I have a lot of favorite local dj’s
There’s plenty of great Indo djs. Some of them are my homies – like Schizo, Stan, Dipha, and many others.
I like djs that have their own styles and each one them have something special to offer.
That what makes them stand out from the rest

Obviously you must have a nice little vinyl collection at home. Whats your favourite 5 records you own on vinyl?
Nas – illmatic
James brown – mother popcorn
Bob marley – legend
Tribe called quest – midnight marauders
Notorious B.I.G – ready to die

How about 5 that you would love to add to your collection?
Would love to have
Tribe called quest (all the album)
The internet
Al green
Miles davis
Fela kuti


What else is Dubwill collecting besides vinyl? Any other memorabilia that you would love to share with us? Got any pictures?
Sneakers 🙂
I just start to collect several of my favourite sneakers

Whats the rest of the family at Dubwill HQ up to? Mum and Dad working hard? How about your brothers or sisters? They at school? Up and coming DJ students or taking on the swell of the year at Padang Padang maybe?
Mum and Dad are retired already. And having a quiet life in the island of maluku where they come from. My older bro lives in jakarta with his wife and daughter and no I’m stranded in this island trying to be a Dj 🙂

Apart from a regular at Jenja where else are you playing in Bali and are you just playing Hip Hop or experimenting with other sounds outside of your regular residencies?
I play at Deus, the strawhut, la favela, strawberry fields, mirror, huu bar and several other places

Whats next for Dubwill?
Gigs, production, getting married?
Would really love to be a producer and play more international gigs. It gotta be fun

Thanks so much!


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