Given their shared appreciation for story telling and dignified belief in the Australian identity, Harvey Miller and Monte Morgan naturally found themselves writing music together. From the studio to the top end of town, Client Liaison’s sound plays out like a long lunch followed by a round of cocktails. Describing their sonic palate as ‘dance electric’, ‘new jack swing’ and ‘pop ballad’, this multisensory experience will feed any listeners’ appetite. International in flavour, cosmopolitan in style – this is Client Liaison.

First of all can you introduce the band to us and all its members?

We met at primary school back in the late 90’s. Monte was a few years above me in my brother’s year (who now plays guitar in the live band) and after school we were drawn together out of shared interests.

Your first few releases include a collaboration with Aussie royalty Tina Arena. How did you guys go about coming up with a project that takes on board such a huge artist as a vocalist?

We reached out to her via email and were humbled by her willingness to collaborate with us. We invited her to our studio on a weekend and thoroughly enjoyed seeing her let loose on the microphone. I can definitely imagine working with her again.

How would you guys best describe your sound? How has it changed and whats been some of the big influences between now and the latest release ‘The Real Thing’?

Often we are influenced by other art forms like interior design or fashion. As for our sound it’s always rested on pop music principles, that being, hooks, rhythm and melody.

While on the subject of ‘The Real Thing’ what’s the song about and the story it tells?

The Real Thing is the empowerment of the individual. A call to action, telling ones self to rise up on your feet and let it be known that you are the real deal.

Your go to studio? Is it something you guys own or you like to rent a space each time and see what happens?

Its always fun to work form new spaces as the new surroundings help make everything feel fresh and new. we definitely like to move around a lot

What equipment do you guys travel with to record with and how does it vary for what you perform with in full live band mode?

When we’re rolling with the live band it’s full steam ahead with all kinda of synths and what not, otherwise we like to keep things light when we’re moving between writing sessions. As for our studio back home, I’ve focused on collecting rack synths, in particular Romplers (mainly EMU ROM rack synths) , which have a real mid 90’s sound to them. What I like about these ROM synths are that they sound very different to a lot of other hardware synths.

What exactly are you all up to in the snow in Australia this week?

Snow runs in our blood! We grew up skiing and snowboarding the Victorian high country as kids and have never looked back.

Your heading over to play at Bali’s favourite seaside location “Oldmans’ for their 6th birthday and its shaping up to be a huge show.

We’ve been to Bali once before and had a blast. We even went to Old Mans to party one night, it’s a great spot. We’ll be testing out new material in the live show and most importantly going to kick on afterwards.

While in Bali, what else are you guys going to get up to?

Surfing definitely provided the wave isn’t breaking on a reef like it does at Bingin, otherwise we’re also looking forward to getting costumes made at the local tailors.

The Bands name we need to ask! Whats the train of thought behind that one?

Long story short, I (Harvey) overheard my old boss mentioning the phrase to someone who was calling him for a reference on a past employee.

I bet this is one that gets asked a lot! Who dresses you guys ?

We like to dress ourselves and design our own outfits but we also work with amazing people, including our in house stylist Penelope Efthimiadis as well as other designers such as Kirsty Barros.

If you guys weren’t touring the world performing to your fans what do you think you guys would be doing?

Probably doing what all creatives do when they’ve given up – go work in advertising

We were lucky enough to watch your performance on the Sydney Harbour Bridge foreground on NYE 2019.
With a much shorter set length, how did you make the final cut for what tracks you were going to play and was any of the decisions based on what 2018 delivered and whats ahead in 2019?

I believe we were asked to play Great Southern Land by the ABC and the City of Sydney, who we collaborated with by creating visuals that were projected on the side of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as we played.
As for 2019, we’re going to be playing our new material in our live sets, which is something we love to do, testing what we’ve been working on with our audiences.

Last of all what’s next for Client Liaison?

Back to basics. A lot more new music and video clips!


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