Hello Stan, what an amazing opportunity for us to interviewing one of the pioneer for the hip-hop DJ scene in Indonesia. First of all, what’s the history between you and Trigg*r Productions?What was the story behind “Stan” name?

Hi Bali Clubbing, thank you for the interview 😊 History behind me & Trigger? Long story short.. Back in the days Trigger was a clothing line owned by a good friend, her name is Raudia Kepper. She used to also throw hiphop parties here & there bringing DJs & MCs from the States to Jakarta & Bali, some of them live in Bali now btw haha

In 2005 Raudia had this idea and asked Me, Mikey Moran & DJ Fadi to kinda like start a DJ Label / Management under the name Trigger. Since then everything was history and 12 years later we’re still here.

The name Stan is my own name, Stan from Stanislaus 😁

What was the reason, your choosing hip-hop genre compare to other?Beside that, how do you see the differences for the hip-hop scene since the first time your start DJing compare to nowadays scene?

Why HipHop? I was born in Jakarta, grew up in Sydney & Holland. I grew up around alot of black people, most of my friends in Holland were from Suriname, Dominican Republic, Curaçao
& Africa and they were into that kind of style of music, Rap, R&B, Dancehall, Bobbling, so all that really grew into me.

HipHop changed alot, it keeps growing & evolving. The difference of HipHop back then and the HipHop nowadays is that HipHop back then had SOUL! Every track, every producer, every rapper sounds different, they all have their own style & sounds, every track had a meaning. The HipHop nowadays is just mumbling and talking about the most random shit and u cant really understand what they’re saying (Not all of them are like that, there are some good ones that I like, but not many)

Your residency in Jakarta and Bali, are definitely an exciting job. Having the job in the most busiest city in Indonesia and on the paradise island. So, how do you see the differences between Jakarta and Bali’s crowd?Could you tell us about your last gig in Mirror on May 26th, 2017?

Hmmm Bali has a totally different crowd than Jakarta, I think they are more well educated in music than the Jakarta crowd (back in the days Jakarta was the shit! People knew their music, they know what’s up!) The current Jakarta crowd is just into all that commercial EDM MTV stuff, you can’t really play something different because they will just stand there and look at you weird! Of course NOT everyone is like that, we still have some good crowds who know their music (They know who they are)

You’ve been touring all over Indonesia and couple of cities all around the world. Where’s the most memorial moment for you, outside from Indonesia and why?

Hmmm that’s a hard one, every single gig was different and has always given me a different experience, and you always learn something new.. but the best ones were probably Supperclub Amsterdam 2011 & 2016, Old Zouk KL in 2004 & The Roots KL.

Why? Cause I got to play whatever I wanted to play, I got to play all the 90s HipHop and people were diggin it!

Did you still remember the first Vinyl set that you bought?What was it and was the stories behind those?

Honestly I don’t remember at all hahaha first time I bought vinyls I bought a bunch of them hahaha all I can remember is that they were all classics.

Having a great gig, it’s all comes from the tunes that you play. So, what’s your top 5 tracks?Have you ever experience playing the most unrelated tunes, but surprisingly it makes the crowd go insane (in a positive way)?

If I get to play whatever i want i would play all the 90s classics, but if I have to play all the current music, I don’t have any top 5 tracks. Why? Cause every DJ plays the same music now. Back then every DJ had their own secret weapon, they have music that you don’t have and you would wait for a DJ to play those tracks. Nowadays, we can easily find the tunes using Shazam application and on the next days, they playing the same tunes.

Yes, I remember back then when there was no such thing called mashup, open format or eclectic, It was just HIPHOP. I dropped Nirvana & Lenny Kravitz in my HipHop sets and people went nutz!

Every entertainer have their own role model. What about you? Who’s your role model and how did they effecting your set and your fashion? Who’s your dream artist that you wanna collaborate with and why?

Role Model? DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Cash Money & Irwan Kartosen.

Fashion? Haha… I’m a shirt n jeans kinda guy, i still wear shirts from 20 years ago (seriously) Just the shoes / kicks changes. Hahaha…

Collaborate with? Same answers Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money & Irwan Kartosen, cause these 3 DJs are the baddest DJs on the planet! Specially Jazzy Jeff, this guy is on another level, he does it all.

Is there any upcoming project and 2017 is a big year, what do you want to achieve in this big year?

2017 is actually a bit more chill for me, I’m more picky with the gigs I take, I travel more now, I take more holidays, I make more time for myself to do what i like to do (sleeping) hahaha

New projects, I got new tracks coming out soon with some friends from Holland. Wait for it! Hehe…

What I wanna achieve is to make Trigger bigger & better. Release more tracks. Visit the church a bit more. Hahaha…

You are in New York now, the city that never sleep. What do you think about the city? We know that you are a sneaker-head too, any sneaker that interest you, while you were in New York?

NY the city that never sleeps? Oh they’re definitely sleeping bro, haha I think Jakarta is the only city that never sleeps. Hahaha… Seriously.

Oh man, theres so many sneakerz out here and I don’t even know where to start haha haven’t bought any tho, I’ve been on a sneakerz diet. Hahaha… too many sneakerz that I barely wear.

Where we can find you this week and what will be the biggest show that you’ll have in this upcoming months?

I won’t be around this whole month of June, I’m here in NY & California for a month, to find a new inspirations. Hahaha… I’m on a honeymoon with my wife 😜😜😜

Biggest upcoming show? Got booked for this URBAN FESTIVAL in Holland called VESTIVAL July 22nd with the Biggest names in the scene such as Ty Dollar Sign Trey Songz and more but I decided not to take the gig cause i dont have enough time to apply for the Visa but will probably be playing for VESTIVAL the one in Dubai & Bangkok later on this year. We’ll see how it goes 😊

Any last message before we end this interview session?

Special shout out to all the Bali DJs who’s been keepin the island LIT! Goodgrip, Maic, Dubwill, Yoga Yin, Leon Shady, Ye, Mamsa, Wisdy, Heidy, Kusasi, Trigan, Andy Chunes, Mandala Gusend, Shammui, Mistral, Fadi, Agent H, Khaled, Halim Ardie, Jan Khaled, Echa, Ricky, Scratchy, Lil Ale and many more of you, you know who you are…

Thank you Bali Clubbing (David Willis & Steven)



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