The Plump Djs are internationally renowned DJ/Producer duo Andy Gardner and Lee Rous of London. Their unmistakable sound has won them remixes from the likes of Deadmou5, Mark Ronson, Moby and Orbital, whilst their four deck live show has led to countless international and national shows. Their innovative production style and skillful delivery is consistently embraced on the world circuit. London’s premier music lead venues XOYO and The Nest are the current platform on which the duo develop their sound. Self admitted suckers for bass and ‘the groove’, Gardner and Rous fuse Electro-house, Rave, Acid House, Breakbeat and Techno into their own style they call ‘Plump music’, the defining ethos for their recently formed Grand Hotel record label.

How did the Plump DJs first hook up?

We met each other through Matt Cantor of The Freestylers who knew Andy. We were making music, out raving and just having fun, and then I was working with Andy, who was signed to an underground breakbeat label. I was promoting clubs and Andy was making music and DJing. I wanted to DJ so I started doing it on my own, warming up for Andy and Matt. Andy and I got along really well so we got into the studio and started making music. The rest is history.

How have you kept the dynamic so strong over the years?

The main thing for us is to always try and remain innovative. It helps us enjoy our jobs and each other’s company, which is very important as we spend an inordinate amount of time together so mixing things up keeps things fresh. The minute you start regurgitating your sound and making carbon copies of other people, you might as well give up the game and go do something else.

Any particular artists/dj’s/ producers that really influenced you?

Crosby Stills & Nash, Steve Wonder, Nike Rogers, Vangelis, The Chemical Brothers, Daniel Avery, Daft Punk, Sasha, Stanton Warriors, Orbital, Hybrid Theory, Freestylers, Mafia Kiss, Marten HORGER.

How’s the music scene in this moment in your country?

The music scene in the UK we feel is world class!!

Often particular cities are linked to certain sounds and sub genres. Do you think living in your city is reflected in your music?

Yes we have a very London Sound, even more so now that we are back to bass and breaks again happy one xxx

You’ve always had a strong sense of samplecraft. Do you still sample now, or do you keep your noses clean copyright-wise?

Actually, I’m surprised more people aren’t sampling now. It seems that now, if your track does okay on download stores but isn’t on any big compilations or getting sync’d for films or any of that, then no one cares. There’s so little money in releases now that people can’t be bothered to sue you! I mean it’s good that people are making their own original material – that has to be good for the depth and penetration of electronic music. But sampling is an artform in itself – a sample can inspire a whole new tune and lead people to the original source.

Sampling is only a small characteristic of your signature, though. The production has always been heavyweight.

Thanks! Andy’s mixdowns are fantastic, aren’t they? We write and arrange everything together, then I bugger off and leave him to it, then I come back with a fresh pair of ears. That’s the reason those records sounded in that way: Andy’s mixdown and the level of detail throughout the process.

Any particularly special memories?

Our first Room 1 gig was really special – we stepped in at the last minute to play after Fatboy Slim. We’re very close friends with the guys at fabric but we weren’t allowed to just swan in and take a residency, even when our music was doing well internationally. We had to earn that. Then suddenly we’re playing after one of our musical heroes. I remember holding an acetate of Scram in my shaky hands and playing it for the first time. It kicked off and the rest is history!


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