It’s been a dynamite year for the ‘Dunies’. After blowing the lid off the Laneway Festival, their scorching second album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit (produced by FIDLAR’s Zac Carper) took them higher than ever before, scoring the top spot on the ARIA Album charts. Boasting a raw, raucous energy and party punk anthems like ‘Scott Green’ and ‘Bullshit’, (33 & 34 Triple J Hottest 100) the Brisbane three-piece belted out a 40+ stop tour of North America & Europe, before returning the steal at Splendour In The Grass and run riot on their recent sold-out theatre tour around the country. With their grungy garage rock and larrikin charms, get ready to get rowdy when they hit the stage.

So first up ‘Dunies’ as everyone likes to call you! Tell us where your from? How you guys met and what brought you guys together?

We pretty much known each other from school in Westa Kones Australia and then Danny used to work on a fishing trawler named Green Doubt , that Brett’s mum was the chef on and BC used to eat the crumbed flathead from there.

Before dabbling in the music industry and touring the world smashing mainstage festivals to pieces with your music what were the Dunies up to you in the work force and as struggling musicians looking for their next step on a career path that often proves to hard for many a basement or garage start up band?

We all worked on the Green Doubt boat untill we did our first tour which was with DZ Deathrays ,and on that one BC found 50 bucks and we used it to get a taxi to the gig.

Your latest release ‘6 pack’ is obviously about beer and living in the basement when you were teenagers? We’d love to know more about the song and its origin? How much of its true, who it relates to and the story of the song and how it come to life?

Yeh its a true story!, but we used to get 8 packs of this really extra alcohol beer and these wine casks called Fruity Lexia but it didnt sound so good in the song, and We were just fucking around making up dumb songs and it ended up on our album..hehe

While on the subject of beer, the whole Australian craft beer industry is booming! What are the current top 5 craft and new start up Beer 6 packs of choice for the Dune Rats?

We all hate craft beer it tastes like hot socks and they call it an aquired taste haha. run of the mill stuff is the go ,best kind is the cold kind and only thing worse that hot beer is no beer!

What other Aussie pub / surf / rock bands really inspired you guys growing up as grommets moshing out with you mates?

Bcs first concert he went too was 50Cent, and Danny and Brett went to warped tour so i guess all that shit like Hard ons and Frenzal, they are still epic!

How about that stand out song that really still sticks out nowadays that shapes your sound and influence?

Dunno but we usually play Bullshit last hahaha

Your release Scott Green, another we would love to know some more about. Who is Scott Green and how did he come to deserve the honours of a Dune Rats tribute?

We needed weed in this place we are at in USA so we were driving around and asking people whos Scott green and it was a funny joke that turned into a song, and we got some from this dude with cancer at a grocery store. Such a ledge!

The entire Australian music industry once again is making a huge resurgence at home and on stages internationally. Why do you guys think so? Is the quality of the events down under that are really putting the names of all the artists up in lights across the www? Obviously beside the talent what else is making the down under vibe blow up internationally?

Yeh everyone is psyched on tunes and having a good time with music in aus, when ur on tour in aus its hard not to run into other friends in bands and there’s just alot of stoke, the the festivals are sick to play and have an epic time at! Surfs been good and they put stuff in the tap water too.

When on the road how many people are you travelling and what are their roles? Your excess luggage account must be nuts?

We just take one hessian sack for the 3 of us, with clothes for the tour and then we gotta take all the show shit too so heaps of stupid heavy stuff !

What about your team at home? Its amazing to see your success but would be great once again for all the budding musicians out there to get some free advice on what they need to take into account before taking the next step?

Yeh we have an epic family in Aus which helps us make our silly ideas come to real life, umm dunno advice comes from experience or whatever fuck.. I dunno. Buy low sell high..Hehe

DZ Death Rays you have a very close affiliation with those guys and tour with them loads? How about the connection there and how did you all meet? There is some sort of cross over between you all to correct? We cant wait to see them take the stage with you guys and let it rip come June 1st over here!

Yeh its gonna be so sick to play with DZ again, so rad its in Bali ! we have known them forever. Simon from DZ lives on the same street as BC and ages ago Shane DZ and Danny were in a metal band called SkiTziTest look it up. Us and DZ toured a bunch over the years together too they are great friends and we always have a ripper time getting on the jugs. Hehe..

Your heading to Bali with the Drop festival which has been following all the WSL surf competitions in Australia. Can you tell us more about the Drop and how the shows have been in Australia following the pro surf circuit before picking up where you left of and heading over this way?

Yeh the Drop has been such a sick festival. its been epic to get to the coastal spots to play instead of the city, Bells beach and Margs comp was still running during the festival and the vibe was so rad, its not so often that bands and surfers get to hang out while doing their thing so we been having some ripper times with heaps of maddogs!

This is your first time in Bali what have you heard about the shows here? What about Ulu Cliff House where your playing? Its becoming to the go to spot for all things events and music in Bali and the WSL tour and the Drop fits perfectly into the next piece of the evolving jigsaw puzzle? ‘

We have been to bali probly like 6 times over the years And played in Canggu and Twice Bar and a joint in Bingin and Ulus and they were super fun shows, Cliffhouse looks so crazy tho , it’s in such a epic spot! Pumped to get to play there for the Drop and with our best buddies DZ Deathrays!

Catch Dune Rats on Nov 2nd, 2019 at Old Man’s. Click here for more info.


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