Thess Fischer is a Bali based Swedish DJ, occasional vocalist & Producer. Known for her high energy behind the decks, excellent sense for music and well delivered performances she has quickly become one of the most in-demand female DJs in Asia. She’s played in every leading venue around Bali and landed residencies at international beach clubs Café Del Mar and Omnia. With her very early years always infested by dancing and singing, it was always Thess dream to pursue a career in music and when she moved to London Thess enrolled to the well-known music school Point Blank where she studied Music Production and Djing. With a mixed spectrum of musical influences Thess picks apart and blend together all the pieces of music she loves best. Covering various styles and genres with a focus on house music Fischer began creating her own hybrid of House, Tech and Afro music that always exudes positive and fun energy to the crowd. Besides music Thess has for the past 11 years been a successful model and appeared in many major campaigns, graced covers and 100 magazines as well as featured in a TV show about her career in Sweden. Her recent nominations includes TOP 100 Female Djs (2019, 2018) by Djane Mag as well as DjaneTop and also her latests nominations by EDMdroid as Asia’s Top 25 DJ’s and World’s Sexiest DJs of 2019. Right now Thess Fischer is busy holding down her residencies as well as playing in Bali and around Asia all while she is crafting her own music to be released soon. So stay tuned for this promising artist as she continues to share her love for music and making people move on the dance floors!

First of all we would love to hear where you are from? How long have you been Djing for? Is there anyone else from your family thats in the music industry or a musician?

Hey guys! I’m from Sweden. Since a very young age I’ve always been dancing and singing and bought my first DJ controller almost 7 years ago but it wasn’t until the last 2 years that I decided to focus full time on Djing. I think I’m the only one so passionate about music in my family..

How about your home town or near by? Anyone famous in the music industry or if not sporting hero or celebrity? (include your home town)

I’m from a small town north of Stockholm called Vallentuna. I don’t know if you’ve heard about the band ABBA but they were all from my little home town… 😛

Looking back on your days at school and some of the memories, is there any now you think back and realise I wanted to be in this industry and some of the key decisions that made your career path take you to where you are right now?

I would always perform in school and join different talent competitions and would love to be on stage! I grew up dancing 4 times a week and eventually formed a dance group and when I was 16 I joined a music school in Sweden for 1 year and then years later Point Blank in London to study Music production and Djing. So yeah I would say I always knew I wanted to work within music.

In Bali you have been here a couple of years now DJing at some of the islands best clubs, what changes have you seen it your time here and so of the key events or moments that made the island’s industry grow at such a rapid rate?

I’ve been in Bali almost 2 years now but it feels like 2 months haha! So many new venues and places popping up left and right! I feel like its more about the beach clubs now and more and more dj friends prefer to play during the days rather than at night, myself included. But I also don’t mind a really good club to play some bangers!

Your playing at the first peek of the Island and Canggu in particular’s newest venue Neverland! Part club, part restaurant, part Yoga space and all round hub for good vibes. Have you been and had a look yet or heard any rumours? PS: their burgers are amazing! Looking forward to what else they have on the menu list real soon as it seems they have some real crafty staff we have heard.

No I haven’t yet! But I think I’ve seen the building next to Pepito on Batu Bolong and it looks really cool, so I want to be surprised when I get there on Friday to play. Love to play in new venues and this one seems really exciting!

What other clubs have you been playing at around Bali lately? Whats been some of your best shows this year so far?

I’ve recently become resident DJ at Omnia and Café del Mar which also are my two favourite venues to play. I’d say my favourite show has to be Omnia cause the crowd is always so hype and the sound system in the booth is just too damn good! I loved the b2b session I had with Fadi a few weeks ago and the crowd just went wild and I even got goosebumps a few times while playing!

When your not DJing all around Bali – what else do you like to do in your spare time? Some favourite places to eat you can recommend for our readers maybe?

I feel like all I ever do lately is working haha! But when I don’t I like to just relax with my two puppies or go to Finns VIP and get a tan or walk along the beach. I love to hangout at Kembali in Umalas to do some work on my computer and drink their amazing Matcha and my favourite restaurant at the moment is Tygr cause I love Sushi!

How about your favourite beach?

Dreamland beach near Uluwatu. Just amazingly clear blue water and white sand!

Thess Fischer’s current top 5 are?

1. Nuff gal – Proper Villains
2. Los Pueblos (Pablo Fierro Remix)
3. Shout (DJ PP Remix) – JJ Mullor
4. Mandinka Woman – Andreas Horvat
5. Kuar (FNX Omar Remix) – Emmanuel Jal

Thess Fischer’s all time Bali party starter track is?

Ohhh I have a few of them so hard to just say one cause it also depends on the venue but this one always gets the crowd going a little extra by Biscits – Do It Like This (Extended Mix).

If you were’nt DJing full time as a professional career and never made the change to shift to Bali what do you think you would be doing right now?

Hmm I’d still be in London where I was doing modeling full time but it was never something I was truly passionate about. Its always been music and I am so happy it all turned out really great since I moved to Bali.

Any plans for some production? We know you love your percussive tunes and heard you playing some great tracks so assuming if there was something in the pipeline its gonna be spicy!

I’m actually right now making my own music and hopefully by end of this year or beginning of early 2020 have some tracks out. And yes I love the percussive tribal sound that will definitely be the sound of my own music.

How about any other involvement in the music industry you have that you would like to share with us or something from a friend or associate that is cooking right now that you would like to let the cat out of the bag?

I’m right now doing a secret project with a few people that I promise will be something big and exciting that I can’t wait to share! It’s something that doesn’t really exist in Bali yet and something guaranteed to make some noise! You’re gonna have to watch this space….

Favourite Sunnies?
A cool pair I got from &Other stories a while ago.

Favourite City in the world?

I’ve always loved London even though the weather isn’t the best I just love the crazy energy there. But only in small doses then Im ready to leave again!

Next up for Thess Fischer is?

This month has been the busiest ever of my career and I’m very happy about it but I’m really looking forward to go to Sweden mid November to be with my family and friends and then I’m off to Africa to do a safari trip!! A well needed getaway to recharge and come back in time for high season!

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