Defining house and disco with pure advocacy, Husky holds acclaim in his craft, eliminating electronic music
boundaries with signature originals to collaborative efforts with Sandy Rivera. Straight out of the studio, Sydney’s well-accomplished producer and DJ serves an emotive dish of soulful, deep and core house hues while also delving into deeper lounge and disco sounds. Across his labels Random Soul Recordings and Bobbin’ Head Music, there is an undeniable aura, conveying a creative pipeline recognized from his hometown to the heights of the Himalayas. Engaging enthusiasts globally while pricking the ears of digital leaders DJ Mag, Earmilk, yourEDM and local tastemakers over at Pilerats, the Husky profile continues to move swiftly. The last decade has witnessed an impressive expansion of creativity from Husky, deepening his catalogue success across his own labels to Salted Music, Purple Music, LouLou, Nurvous, Gueshouse, Tinted Records and Sam Divine’s Soul Divine. ‘D-Fine Jazz’ hailed the #1 soulful house spot on Traxsource, while ‘Hypnotic’ took nabbed the same on the deep house category and #3 on the overall chart.

Your sets and productions have always been characterized by a lot of uplifting soulful vocals. When did your love this style of house begin?

Yes! A long time ago, working in record stores with my buddy Yogi and then moving into a record store in the city and working alongside local legends, Jools, John Devecchis and Illya. I was growing up on Naked Music, Drop Music, Dimitri From Paris, Early MOS & Hed Kandi compilations, OM Records etc.. all of this fed my love for a song and a little bit more than just a small sample.

You remixed Frankie Knuckles once. What does his legacy mean to you, today?

What an incredible experience that was, working with something Frankie had touched was just fantastic. His music and general vibe as a human being has left a lasting impression on just about every career producer and DJ that’s involved with house music, whether they know it or not. He just seemed like such a lovely soul, and that attitude and simple love for the music and all who are into it is what life in general (not just house music!) should be all about. Acceptance, tolerance, fun and love.

How do you pick your singers and songwriters? Anything specific you’re looking for?

Basically I am also a keen record collector and DJ, so if there’s a record I am playing a lot which features a singer then I will reach out to them directly. This is probably where 90% of my collabs have come from, but every now and then you are contacted by someone or introduced by someone you have never heard of and their vibe is perfect for something you have on your hard drive. It’s almost like the universe put’s them there!

Do you write music for the vocals or do you find vocals for music you’ve already produced?

Great question, I often have instrumental tracks with basic melodies and chords down before I feel comfortable showing a singer. However, sometimes you are given stems and melodies by a singer that make you want to completely change everything. This happened for me when working with Shyam P on our release ‘Secrets’ – The original mix became the ‘club mix’ and then I went and created the ‘classic mix’ after having a lightbulb moment one night.

Who or what inspires you in the current industry?

Gosh, loads of people really. There’s always some kid popping up with an amazing new song and sound every 3-6 months.. and that often inspires me to try and think outside the box a little. But playing great gigs is the best inspiration, having that instant recognition from the crowd lifts you up and makes you want to rush home and write a new track.

What are your upcoming goals as a music producer?

Gosh, always to aim higher and have releases on bigger labels, but also labels I play a lot of and respect. Defected, Glitterbox, Toolroom, Strictly Rhythm, Simma Black, Glasgow Underground, would be dope.

Do you work on anything else beside music?

Basically with DJ’ing, running 2 labels (Bobbin Head Music and Random Soul Recordings) there isn’t much time left to do much else!


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