Alex Stein is a true Brazilian (São Paulo) homegrown artist that has his roots all the way from the old continent, his German background -he even has the German citizenship and is based in Berlin- compelled him day by day to work harder & harder to achieve his unique electronic sound, from an early age he knew this was the way to go. The ‘Bavarian-Brazilian’ has made his own way thru vast musical studies (including Audio Engineering, studied at the SAE Institute in Frankfurt), and much trial & error he got to where he is now. One of the most well-known and revered artists of the new Brazilian techno / techno-house scene. Also worldwide. Whether as a DJ or producer. His greatest commitment and passion has always been electronic music. Quite clear now. That he represents with all honors the new generation of Brazilian artists, too. Alex Stein is in everyone’s ears, not in vain he explored and released his futuristic uplifting techno-sound on Filth on Acid, Suara (highly respected label where Coyu is the head-honcho) as well as on Oliver Huntemann’s Senso Sounds imprint; to don’t forget also a bunch of phat productions on Tronic, Octopus Black Label, Los Angeles based Hydrozoa, Dear Deer (alongside K.A.L.I.L.), Warung Recordings or Sincopat… previously in Bunny Tiger, Great Stuff Recordings, Herzblut, etc. In all those cases he has surpassed all expectations in critical and sales.

When did you start writing/producing music – and what or who were your early passions and influences? What is about music and/or sound that drew you to it?

Basically I started going out to local parties and rave events and just got more and more involved in it, always trying to learn more about the music itself and how it was made. From there on it was a long process of learning how to produce and make music and pefecting my skills. It got really serious when I went to Frankfurt and had my first actual real techno experiences and I realised that this was what I wanted for my life: making and living of music.

For most artists, originality is first preceded by a phase of learning and, often, emulating others. What was this like for you? How would you describe your own development as an artist and the transition towards your own voice? What is the the relationship between copying, learning and your own creativity?

I think that is an interesting statement and really true, as I’ve myself experienced that and it seems that others go through the same. I honestly don’t think I have found my ‘voice’ as much as I have found a production style which can translate into my ‘own sound’. I believe that an artist is the sum of all of his influences so that never actualy stops happening. Still to this day, if I hear something that I like, I try to replicate it just to know how it was done. From there on, understanding the sound, gives me a lot more room to grow and experiment.

Please talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

My latest release ‘Emerge’ was an EP made with my brother from another mother K.A.L.I.L.. When we started the track ‘emerge’ we had an idea of an arpeggio we had heard on a movie soundtrack, on which we worked on, note by note, until it became the track’s main synth as you hear it today. The rest of the track fell in place pretty easily after that as the main synth-line was mostly responsible for the tension and build-ups.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

Making more music and making a difference.

Please pick 1 or 2 must plays from your recent sets and explain why they’re so good?

Thomas Schumacher & Victor Ruiz – Wonder

– I love this track, it is just such a great tool but also such an amazingly musical track at the same time. Always rocks people’s pants off!

Alex Stein – Blackbird

– This track means a lot to me as it still, to this day, is the most recognised track I’ve made. It’s always such a pleasure to drop this track and have everybody recognise it and smile. It makes me so happy!

How do you learn to create tracks and the production process itself?

Mostly by myself. I have a degree in Audio Engineering, but making music and creating beats was something I learned by myself and with friends, over the years, making music on a daily basis. You try new things and it’s a wonderful process, specially if you keep pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

You have been in the scene for more than a decade. How would you describe today’s scenario?

I think we are living a great time in the Techno scene. Everyday there are more and more talented producers coming up and we have never had so much great music being released in a period of time. I think it is good and brings a certain ‘freshness’ to the scene and keeps things moving forward.

If Alex Stein had to do a B2B set who would be the DJ/Producer and what would be the venue?

For sure it would be with my buddy Victor Ruiz! I have a few names on my list of people I’d still like to share the booth and a set with, but me and Victor have done a few b2b sets and it was always a lot of fun! Venue would have to be La Fabrica in Cordoba, Argentina! I just love that crowd!

It is remarkable, in a way, that we have arrived in the 21st century with the basic concept of music still intact. Do you have a vision of music, an idea of what music could be beyond its current form?

Not really. I love music in almost all forms and shapes. As long as it is made with heart and the soul, that is all that matters.


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