Jon first visited Ibiza in the late ‘80s and returned on a permanent basis in the early ‘90s to look for work. A run of bad luck then turned to romantic good fortune and, as he explains, he was soon DJing at the blissful Sa Trinxa bar, overlooking the stunning vista of Salinas beach. Jon has since gone on to become an institution at Sa Trinxa and a guru for all things Balearic. With a musical palette that spans everything from chill-out and ambient to disco and deep house, he has furthermore DJed all over the island and released a string of compilations, including 2008’s Balearic Beach Session.

The whole world knows your last name because of the beach club at Salinas. For the people who don’t know what is the story behind you and Sa Trinxa?

After discovering Ibiza in the 80’s on a two week holiday I was determined to return and find a way to live on the Island. Later I drove from the UK to Ibiza in a hippie bus with a couple of friends. I had my record collection and a sound system. At first it was very hard, all my friends in the UK thought I was crazy moving to Ibiza and arriving on the Island most people told me I would never make it as a dj! I played at a few private parties and then there was nothing, my friends deserted me and I was on my own in Ibiza with no money, only one person helped me, a Brazilian man Olivier, he gave me the keys to a run down apartment in Sa Penya Ibiza town. Sa Penya was inhabited at the time by junkies and the apartment had no gas, water or electricity, Ibiza was not a paradise for me from the start.

One afternoon I was hitch hiking, a car nearly hit me, I stepped back off the road and fell down into a ditch, I was knocked out badly and received some a nasty cuts. After a while cleaned myself up and climbed back onto the road. The first car stopped and picked me up, the driver was a local man, his name was Nito and he was the boss of Sa Trinxa. He drove me to the beach and gave me some food, I washed my bloody wounds in the sea and that night slept on the beach. Nito told me that my friends had left my sound system and records and he had them safe in his house in Salinas. The following day the dj didn’t turn up and Nito asked me if I could play, there was only one answer “YES”. From that moment my fortune changed and from playing the first record I played I felt at home at Sa Trinxa, it was a dream come true. That summer I played every day, all day and loved every second. The same people came every day and it grew like a family, I made more friends that summer than I had my whole life and the same people return year after year, great friends, that’s something money can’t buy.

You are a DJ for a very long time can you share with us how you got started?

I have always been a music lover, my first memories were listening to the Beatles on the radio. Growing up as a teenager in the 1970s I started going to concerts I saw everyone from Bowie to Bob Marley the Rolling Stones and the Sex Pistols. I also worked for a Independent record shop in my home town Cheltenham. The shop was called Driftin” (named after a Tim Buckley song). Here I discovered more obscure music from the German electronic scene like Kraftwerk, Can, Cluster. In those day I was always compiling cassettes and playing them at parties. Later I worked with a concert promoter and became friends with many punk and reggae musicians and I played my cassettes in-between there performances. In the 80’s I worked as a photographer and covered many concerts and music events. I moved to London and the day I moved was when everything changed in my life. The day I purchased my flat the stock market crashed, my car broke down, the flat was burgled and all my cameras were stolen, I had no insurance. Everything had been stolen except for my record collection. The same evening a friend called me, he had just opened a bar and asked me if I wanted to dj, the answer was “Yes”. I saved up some money to buy a good sound system and installed it into the club where I played every Thursday to Saturday. After the club closed at midnight I would dismantle the sound system and drive to the free rave. The 80’s free rave scene had just started and I found myself playing at many of these events with Circus Warp, DIY , and many other free parties. I then moved to Ibiza and the rest is history.

Ibiza is magical for holiday makers and music lovers. What makes Ibiza special for you?

Living in the sun next to the sea on an Island was enough to seduce me. The natural beauty of the Island and the variety of friends is special for me. I still discover new places in Ibiza and love long walks in the winter.

Electronic music is taking over the world. You are in the game for a long time… What has changed since the period you have started?

The song remains the same to coin a phrase. I think the electronic music movement has grown out of all proportion which is great. Dj’ing is like sex , it’s all about the pleasure one gives to others. It’s always appreciated when I get compliments for my work but what I really like is the pleasure music gives to the people , it’s a wonderful to observe. It was magic to be around when the rave scene evolved, it was so new and exciting and that same feeling is here to day and I still maintain the same enthusiasm as I did 25 years ago.

We would love to learn were you find the inspiration for new tracks.?

The inspiration comes from hard work, I spend hours every week hunting for new music. Today most of the searching is done via the internet. I do miss the record shops a lot, in the 90’s there were over 20 record shops in central London, times change and one has to adapt. I also get sent quite a lot of music but the best tracks I usually discover my self. Listening to other Balearic dj’s is also an inspiration, there’s not many of us! I like to take time listening to Kenneth Bager and Andy Wilson’s radio show on Ibiza Radio Sonica. Balearic dj’s have a very wide taste for music and I love to mix all the genres together.

VIP tables in Ibiza is a growing industry on the island. What do you think off that development in the clubbing scene?

Ibiza has had to adapt to change, so many people from all walks of life come to the Island and Ibiza has done well to cater to such a variety of tastes.

We have many heroes. Who is now your hero and it does not have to be somebody in the music industry?

I don’t have any heroes now but have great respect and admiration for the late African-American author, poet, dancer, actress and singer. Maya Angelou, I respect anyone who has suffered and against all odds made a good life for themselves.

When you could do it all over again. What would you do different?

I wouldn’t change a thing, life is full of ups and downs, learning from mistakes has made me appreciate my own success.

If you have one piece of advice for young talent, What will that be?

Don’t think you can kick me off the decks, it’s not going to happen.

When we say Ibiza you say..?

Relax, take it easy.


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