Juliet’s presence on the Techno scene cannot be ignored, her rise has been swift and relentless with countless production success alongside her increasing demand for DJ performances gracing some of the most famous stages and DJ booths across the globe. Collaborating last year with Ramiro Lopez resulted in two Techno anthems with ‘Twisted’ released on Ramiro’s own ODD imprint and ‘Come Closer’ released via the mighty Drumcode being one of Adam Beyer’s stand out tracks in his DJ sets. With 2019 being one of the biggest years in her career. A second appearance on Drumcode’s A-Sides compilation series with ‘Was Beautiful’ – released end of September 2019, which then led to her going on tour with the Drumcode crew with showcases in London, New York and Orlando, and she closed the year with a string of dates in South America, including Argentina’s notorious haunt Crobar.

Can you tell us about your first gig experiences in your home town Adelaide, Australia? What music were you playing back then?

It was actually for an event for Transfusion in Adelaide Australia, my friend booked me to play in the second room. It was nerve wreaking to say the least as I had a lot of friends come. That show I played a progressive house / trance set but that was the only one time I did, then went into playing house and techno from then on.

On the subject of techno, how much insight do you have on the scene back home in Australia with you being based in Europe? Looking forward to any shows around Oz that you can share with us?

It’s definitely growing a lot more, but it was the reason I left Australia seven years ago, as I couldn’t really play what I wanted and really wanted to be inspired by the clubs in Europe and music I was hearing being played there. I have a really nice tour right after my show in Bali with nine shows around Australia with Untitled Group. (Link to flyer)

How about internationally? What’s some of the most hyped bookings you have coming up soon?

I have some really exciting shows to come, but I have to wait on announcing these within Europe, and also the USA and South America.

What sort of music are you listening to when switching off from electronic-based stuff?

I actually love listening to jazz, and world music. Lately I have been buying CDs from places I visit around the world from local stores or musicians. I also love playing frequencies in the background while I’m working or going to sleep.

Where do you see DJ technology going in the next five years and the impact this will have on the way producers make music?

I think it’s great that it’s constantly evolving and increasing on the tech side. It gives us artists more freedom to really explore our sound and display this. It also means we need to stay on top of learning new equipment which is great.

What’s your studio set up? Monitors, DAW and can’t do without synth?

At the moment I’m waiting for my new studio to be built in Berlin, so will be fitting it out once it’s complete. But last year I had one in Ibiza where I was using Dynaudio monitors with a Midas mixer. Synth wise, I usually use plug ins like Roland System 1, Massive & Sylenth.

What’s one moment that comes to mind when you think of Bali?

It just reminds me as being a little touch of paradise, and a great place to escape and relax in.

What have you got planned for your performance at Uluwatu’s super cool venue Hatch for us later this month?

I’m very excited to showcase a bunch of unreleased tracks, give them a road test and see the reaction.


While you’re in Bali what else do you plan to get up to?

I want to go surfing this trip, do a volcano sunrise hike and visit Ubud, and to get another tattoo done there at a place I did last year.. the guy I found is amazing!


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