Nicole Moudaber is an event promoter, record label founder, radio host, and one of the most passionately followed DJ/producers in the world. The one-woman army is marching her muscular take on techno all over the globe, winning fans not only with her music, but her way of being, that’s at once uncensored, inclusive, and fierce. With her trademark shock of untamed dark hair, the Nigeria-born artist can be spotted in a DJ booth by profile alone, rocking crowds before she even drops a record. In-demand all over the world, Moudaber has played everything from intimate after-hours clubs; to revered nightclub institutions like Space, DC10, Output and Stereo; to massive festival stages, including Glastonbury, Electric Daisy Carnival (hosting her own MoodZONE stages), and two appearances at Coachella. She’s been featured by the New York Times and CNN, named “one to watch” by Billboard and Paper magazine, and has graced the cover of electronic music magazines in several countries. Her weekly radio show In The MOOD – which Moudaber hosts with her unmistakable husk-and-honey voice – won Best Online Music Show in the 2016 Online Radio Awards and is syndicated across over 80 stations in 50 countries, commanding over 16 million listeners worldwide. She has over a million social followers who she dialogues with daily, sharing candid thoughts on music, work, and life.

Is there a track you’ve always wanted to remix?

Yes and actually – I’m working on that very track right now – It’s Jaydee – Plastic Dreams. The track is so iconic and been remixed so many times – I’m trying to put my Moudaber touch to it… let’s see… it’s cooking in the kitchen as we speak…

You always wanted to do a back to back with..?

I’ve been really lucky to play b2b with many of my inspirations… Danny Tenaglia, Carl Cox of course… the set with Sama at IMS was a huge surprise for us both… but right now I have the best b2b partners in the world – Dubfire and Paco Osuna… we do a triple back to back a few times a year – catch us all at Resistance at Privilege this summer.

Which producer would you queue in the rain for, to get their releases?

Queue – me? Que es ‘queue’?

Tell us about your label, what the aim is, who and what you look to release etc?

My collaboration with Skin is coming out on MOOD. We finished the album and it’s called BREED. I’m currently shooting a video with her in Berlin for the first single called ‘Someone Like You’, this project is very dear to me, I’ve been working on it for a year now, it’s very challenging to work with such an established artist on the one hand, and on the other it was tough for me to make all the vocals work on techno. It turned out to be something completely different, not all tracks are aimed at the floor.

Whats the best and worst thing about being a DJ? Do you miss being home maybe, or hate eating take away food, or…?

I actually do hate take away food, and filthy hotels. You’d be surprised, even the 5-star hotels of the world are disgusting. I shower with my flip flops on now, I’m too OCD. But all these mini frustrations go away once I’m on the decks, it’s all worth it.

Moving on a different direction, we’ve seen artists come to the forefront to talk about depression, drug abuse, and how touring has taken a massive toll in their personal life and mental health. Have you ever been through tough times during your career? Can you provide any advice to those who are in need of special attention?

It’s so important that you look out for yourself when touring. We are out here, playing multi-hour sets until four, five, sometimes six o’clock in the morning, and getting on a plane the very next day. It can get exhausting so taking time to rest is key. I recently just had to make a decision to block out an amount of time next year to actually take a vacation and recover from the past months of touring.

What is one of the unique experiences you’ve had backstage?

I bumped into Paris Hilton in Miami leaving Ultra Music Festival. She saw me and ran towards me bowing. We ended up sharing a ride back and had a blast. I love this girl so much.

You are truly a global citizen: partying and performing across the globe. You unite people from multiple cultures through your music. How do you stay level headed with all the traveling or has it just become second nature to you? What are some healthy habits you maintain to keep the peace in your artistry?

For me, the key is not to drink while I am on the road. That definitely helps to keep stamina levels up and my concentration and focus up as well. It is very important not to lose focus and energy. If I do four shows a week I can’t drink alcohol and indulge in things like that. I haven’t stopped touring for two years now; I’ve been working everyday. I am really looking forward to my show in Bali actually!

Do you normally listen to music when you box or workout? Or do you just exercise to your own sound?

I work out to my sound. That’s it. Just focus on the program.

Could you give us a DJ Tip for Newcomer DJs?

LEARN your craft. Be inspired , have inspirations but don’t look at what the others are doing. I say it in many interviews “only dead fish go with the flow”. The minute you look to what other DJs are playing / doing / posting on their socials – it’s game over. Practice, practice, practice… training is key – learn your gear… master it. The tools we have now to be creative in our productions and sets are so powerful – continually push yourself to learn new tricks and stay up to date – I still do and always will.


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