When we started Tantra with a simple vision of a home for creative to work their magic. Brought together by immigrants from all over Indonesia. Tantra adopts the local’s laid back, yet spiritual way of life, and apply said ethos into their local’s laid back, which then blooms into what is now know as the household name for Northern Kuta’s freshest talents, happenings and collaborations. If there’s two things that we love the most, its collaboration and creativity. The Tantra team itself consists of creative talents from several fields : Artist, graphic designers, video and audio producers, DJs, even products & set designers. They are also hoping that in the future, the collaborations would expand further beyond our regular circle, working together with people of all walks.

Tantra is collective correct? More than 1 DJ but less then 10? Can you tell who you all are and how you met?

It’s more of a team that shares the same a simple vision, to create a support sytem for the like-minded creatives on the island. Tantra collaborates with many DJ’s, local and international. Tantra itself consists of artists and some DJs. They’re Kai, Doctor Yez, Nvmbah, Archie, Ones, and some others. Besides music selectas, our team consists of visual artists, Ricky Afdi and Johny Grim.

How did you come up the name Tantra? What does it mean?

Tantra means “meditation that involves visuals”

Are you all from Bali or from all around Indonesia? Love to know some more about your rich family cultural history. What can you share with us about your families lifes in the past?

We came from different parts of Indonesia, thus we see that the diverse culture we have in the team is super beneficial! Our vision is to encourage people to be expressive of their creative minds, to be a space where they can show their art, in any form.

Since joining forces what have you noticed as some of the big changes in the Bali Dance music industry and some exciting things that have progressed?

Nowadays venues here on the island started to grab the local scene, its very different to how it was back then. Its great that they’re starting to appreciate local talents, this way as a local we can be proud about our work!

Tantra’s #1 Record they will always play no matter what time of the day of what venue they are at?

Alleviated Records

Over the last 3 years, the house scene nearly taking over the north Kuta. What’s the best venue right now for Tantra and could you tell us a bit about those memories? If you can play on the biggest festival, what festival would it be and why?

Every venue has its own different vibes, and that’s how we like it. Although we always do our sorcery, in terms of venue decoration and visual mapping, to keep our identity.
Festival! Labyrinth and Rainbow Disco Club!

Who’s your biggest inspirations and how he/she really influence your show or even when choosing your secret weapons (songs)?

Mr Fingers esp institute and Gilles Peterson worldwide fm!

Any coming up songs, gigs or merch maybe that our readers should know from you guys?

Our merch are still available to order via our instagram account @tantrabali_ ! We’re planning to have a big launch in Jakarta, this October. We always update our activities on our instagram account, so, stay tuned.

On our localspotlight, we’ve been catching a lot of young and amazing talent from all over Indonesia. Any advices for them, to make the event organizers, clubs, festivals or sponsors have a awareness with these talents?

Just do your thing, and take as many advices as possible.

The lights go on, the crowd’s going crazy and the club manager is demanding you play one more track – what is it?

Basement Jaxx – Fly Life

Babi guling or suckling pig namely one of the famous and delicious food in the world. What about you guys? What is your favorite Balinese food?

Babi Bagus!!!


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