First of all for those that aren’t familiar with one of Bali’s most respected underground DJS tell us about where you are from and your family background

Im from Bali. All my families are living in the city. Been in this hot island my whole life and its just fantastic to have a family that supports you in every step that you take

Where did you go to school and any studies or qualifications outside of the music industry?

I Went into a local catholic school in Denpasar.

How did you first get into DJing and techno and what was the first record that started of what must be an amazing collection of music ? How do you see that first record you purchased influence your sets now days?

I started to go out at the age of 16, that time i went to Hard Rock cafe. A few years later i started playing there as resident DJ, which also introduced me to many of music genres. From that moment on i chose RnB as my genre until one day i got my laptop stolen. All my music collection, gone just like that. I got a chance not long after that to play in a beach club up in Pecatu, and that is when i first played house music. I started play in many popular clubs in bali too.


What DJs really inspire you from overseas and see as a part of shaping your sound & why?

I am inspired by many of the newest and legendary producers. for example Sasha. its amazing the way he can add soul to his tracks and the harmonic flows on it. I was getting inspired by many tracks and producers and i try to make my own set as a story to share, i find lots of my track by a love at the first sight.

Your warm up sets have become things of legend around Bali, any advise to any up and coming DJs out there on the big no no’s to do before the guest DJ? It seems the problem often especially in some of the bigger clubs in Bali that the warm up DJ doesnt quite understand what the term means ‘ warm up’ but up there playing all the latest bangers/ Every time we hear you play you bring fresh tunes that just ooze atmosphere rather than hurt your ears pre 11pm.

Its an honour for me to be an opening dj for many of my favourite djs and producers, to hosting, building the mood and welcoming people when they arrived and let them enjoy their drinks, meet and talk with their friends. i always give a large space when i build my set and play some different colours of music. i think its important to always start the music as slow as we can, and not forcing the crowd to dance. its an amazing feeling to pass to the next dj to a warm and intimate vibe. Also, for me its important to add new music and keep library rotating every week.

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Are you working on production in your spare time? What is your set up like at home?

Yes i have some of my production released back in the days, when i started with logic and now end up learning ableton because i want to add vocal to a track that i produced. now i use ableton.

What speakers are you using for monitors and headphones?

I’m using yamaha hs80 for monitors and sennheisser headphones.

Where else are you playing around Bali at the moment?

I do some sunset gigs on few beach club sometime on sunday.

Do you find yourself looking at different portals for tunes or mainly just beatport? Any blogs you read for new music that you can share with us?

Soundcloud and I’m more into following the artist and record labels i like.

What is your current DJ Set up? USBS? Laptop and Serato? How do you view the current technology battle with DJ equipment and with such a huge leap into the future in the past couple of years where do you see it going next?

My set up is an usb with rekordbox on, i have been playing with serato in my beginning of dj career, and then used traktor for past over five years. i see its going back to be more handy with the evolution of cdj, from nexus, i decided to back again using cdj. can’t wait for the nexus ll trial. also i see its a big market response for live controller pad and effects.

Last of all whats next for Wisdy? Any big shows planned? Maybe some new mixtapes about to be shared? Maybe some production around the corner?

I really want to go to an European music festival. Its every underground DJs dream


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