Have met in the backyard, while playing childhood games. They were not neighbors or friends, but their connection was even stronger, they are those inseparable cousins. As they were enjoying every part of it, they’ve put all the fun and good feelings in the music they produced. A lasting and strong relationship was created through music and the two of them realized they’re better together than alone. And that’s how they decided it they would be until the end of.. decks and players. Today, labels like Toolroom Records, Great Stuff, Glasgow Underground, Safe Music, Kittball and many more are knoking on their door. Their music is constantly found in the sets of artists like Mark Knight, Solomun, Bedouin, Blond:ish, Martin Solveig, Danny Howard, Roger Sanchez and many more. The playful cousins are now conquering the world, from deck to deck, stopping at the studio in between.

Catch Sllash & Doppe At Shishi Bali

What have you guys heard about the Bali industry and club scene in recent times?

We heard only good things, lots of our friends travel in Bali for holidays and had a good time. And we saw video, picture on Facebook and Instagram from events there and we must say it looks beautiful. Loved the last Cercle event there.

How do you picture it all in your head being from such a far away place like Romania?

A place were you can really relax and enjoy the mother nature.

Is this your first time playing in Asia?

Yeah, being so far from home it’s like uncharted territory, going deep in the unknown. Thrilling!!!

You guys are related correct? How exactly?

Yes yes, we are cousins and grew up together.

Looking back in your childhood growing up is there anything that comes to mind that makes you click why you are travelling the world DJing together?

Music – connecting people since forever, hahha.

Where is your studio?

We recently moved our studio closer to our homes (Bucharest, where we currenlty live)

What set up are you using? Some favourite synths and plugins?

We have 2 studios. Me, Doppe i’am rockin Eve SC208 monitors with UAD Apollo Twin and Me, Sllash i’am rockin Genelec M040 with the same UAD Apollo twin. We love everything from UAD plugins, Soundtoys, Sylenth, Nexus3 and we are playing a lot with our Moog synth in the studio.

Hows the clubs in your home town? What really do you like about it at home compared to close by towns and countries?

We grew up in a small city and we had only one club in our city, was a club for everybody. Now we are leaving in Bucharest and here is a good a big electronic scene, with good clubs. Home will always be home, lots of friends at the parties, really quality time.

The most underground club in the world is?

DC10 Ibiza 100%

The first tune that made you fall in electronic music is?

Iz & Diz – Pac

Your current top 5 is?

-Chicks Luv Us – Soul Ctrl (Miane Remix)
-David Aurel – Soul Train
-D.Noriega – Di Soul
-Late Replies – Ily
-Moree MK – La zimbra

You next tune to be released is?

Love To Last EP at Klaphouse Records

Those toolroom tunes are so good – how did you come up with such a unique vibe?

We love tribal jungle sounds too much and voila.. Can’t wait to be inspired by Bali’s jungle, haha.

Next up after ripping Bali’s newest club Shishi to pieces is?

Next gig will be in Sofia Bulgaria at Bedroom Club.


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