I have always been curious about computers, technology, electronic music and science. Through the early 2000’s, i had explored how to make electronic music by hardware, I started with a Roland mc-303 groovebox, began my experiment with 90’s hardware. Finding some rare drum machines, samplers and started making my own tracks recorded onto cassete tape recorder, i challenge to my self to keep exploring & learning the process of how a track is constructed by doing Live set until nowdays with relevant sense.

How did you come up with your stage name, where are you from ? Where did you go to school? Did you learn music at school? Are any of your family members musicians ? it seems there something cooking at the Gato Family HQ?
If not musicians its definetely some some of tech magic flowing thru the family bloodline?

Latex name it come from my own software Name, that i develope about 10 years ago in 2008, its a VSTi plugin for ableton Live l, i used it for my own music production. Im from Jogjakarta, i had have experience with music since 6-7 year old as drummer, sometime jamming in band with my Father… do some judas priest & deep purple in 80’s

Looking back on your career how did you manage to grow from your home village into a regular headlining fixture? What are some of the most defining moments that you remember that turned the corner on your career? Your studio must be crazy at home? What does it consist of ? must be lots of vintage analogue goodies hiding away somewhere in xxx ? Any pictures you can share with us of your home studio?

I start making music in my studio in jogja… it was hard to find some equipment, especialy drum machine & synth & sampler… mostly i bought second hand from colapse FM radio station ( the use it for advertisment production ) some equipmnet bought it from My first perfomance in bali wan in KOH club in end of 2007

Here is my home studio in Jogjakarta and jakarta

How about on the road you travel with lots of equipment, what is exactly in your live set? Does your set up vary depending on travel? What are some of the new instruments you have added to your road show in 2018?

My road trip with all the machine it always fun… its heavy ( 60 kg ) , all packed at rimowa and my gig bag, i carry all as excersive. For 2018 i upgrade some of my equipment like elektron diigitakt & Octatrack, but i prefer to use old machine

You look like you have a amazing vinyl collection in your studio. What are some of your most prized vinyl releases you have gathered? If you had to name one record in your collection that really influences your sets right now in Bali what would it be?

My influence mostly come from 90’s house

Any tips on how to avoid excess luggage while travelling thru airports every weekend?

Try to packed & fit into cabin size case, and spread it “never let equipment goes to cargo”

If you weren’t in the music industry what do you think you would be doing for income and a job?

I do iT job / software developer and consultant

We would love some advice to share with bedroom Indonesian producers and on a global scale. What do you have for them to take their career to the next level?

Try to spend more time with exploration for creativity, learn some gear and software, do demo as much as You can, Find inspiration & tutorial in Youtube

What does Latex do in his spare time to get away and switch of from the music industry and the studio?

I work as Chief Research Officer in iT company

Favourite Indo dinner? Favourite Indo Cigarette? Favourite Indo Desert? Favourite Colour? Favourite Indo City? Favourite Indo beach?

1.nasi padang
2.gudang garam promild
5.Bali – Belitung – Madura – jogja
6.Pantai selayar Belitung

Last of all next up for Latex is?

Will play Jazz in full band format

I collect some white lable and lable from greyhound, siesta, nrk, skint, strictly rhytm, rulin, drumcode, and 90’s nervous

Catch Latex on Nov 1st, at Vault Bali. Click here for more info.


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