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Dombresky is here to stay. Arriving in Miami in 2016 from Montpellier, France, Dombresky was inspired to create music that was fun and danceable. After receiving support by legendary acts such as Atrak, Tchami, & DJ Snake he was more focused than ever. His debut EP was released on Fools Gold, followed by the tracks “Utopia” & “Wait” which were released on Tchami’s Confessions label. 2019 marked the beginning of highlighted career moments not just for him but for his fans as well. Now residing in US, Dombresky began 2019 with a sold out Los Angeles headline play at the infamous Academy LA. Dombresky followed that performance by a debut at Ultra Music Festival and Coachella’s Do Lab stage. Fans were also treated to his first ever residency at Sound Bar in Chicago. Dombresky wrapped 2019 with two incredible headlining spots at Snowglobe and Countdown NYE respectively. Apart from US successes, Dombresky broke into the Australian and Asian markets for his second runs thru the countries. 2019 began with what turned out to be a global smash in Soul Sacrifice, gaining support from DJ all over the world including Claptone, Annie Mac, Pete Tong, Mistajam and Danny Howard. Dombresky continued with releases on Insomniac and Toolroom Records.

You just released your new track ‘Bubblin’ . What was the starting point for this title?

The starting point of ‘Bubblin’ is above all a vocal that has been lying around in my hard drive for years. I wanted a danceable and groovy track, so I made a fairly finished demo that I was able to play live. After having tested it at Lollapalooza in Chicago, I had the validation of the public. So I had to finish it and get it out!

‘Bubblin’ is your first release of 2022 after a particularly busy 2021 for you. What is your assessment of this past year?

Despite the complex health situation, the United States has been more flexible than some countries. Living here, I had the chance to perform all over the country – it was also a very good year for me in terms of show. I also devoted a good part of my year to creation and I managed to release about ten tracks and remixes. I also took advantage of this time to develop my merchandising.

In just a few years and a few notable releases, you’ve already made a name for yourself in the global electronic landscape. How do you manage this new status?

My status does not change my person, I have never been in a superstar delirium. House is a music of exchange of good vibes and unifying music. I have always been in a process of sincerity, whether in my process of musical creation, in show or in personal life. I’ve always talked a lot with my fans, that’s why for the past few months I’ve been doing events open to a wider audience, such as pre-show evenings, Disco Dom evenings , etc.

You have already accomplished a lot with your career but do you still have goals that you would like to achieve in the more or less long term?

As you mentioned before, my profile is developed mainly in the United States today. I would now like to develop it in Europe and South America. I always take time to develop my projects, to get started in these new regions, the process will be long, but I can’t wait to start.

So far you have only released singles and EPs. Would you be interested in the idea of ​​working on a longer format and releasing an album one day?

Never say never ! But let’s say I’ve never been super enthusiastic about the idea of ​​an album. The record industry has changed, the consumption of an album is no longer the same. And for a DJ to make a good album requires a lot of work and I’m just starting to work with vocalists, let’s say we’ll see  (laughs) .

At the beginning of the year, you launched your own radio show Process Radio. How did this desire come about and how do you design each episode?

I’ve always wanted to do a podcast and have some sort of recurring connection with my audience. As I said before, I try to be very close to my fans and find innovative ways to interact. Also, I have always been a consumer of new music, always looking for new sounds, new artists, etc. I was looking for a way to share this new music with my audience and a radio show is perfect for that!

Now that you’ve kicked off your 2022 with ‘Bubblin’ , what can we expect for the next few months?

I can exclusively announce that I have a disco funk project with Yung Bea , which should see the light of day in the spring. I also have other collaborations with my friend Noizu , a lot of singles from me, as well as new tour dates which will be announced very soon… And more and more Disco Dom evenings !


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