Skrillex leaks Asian dates tour! Bali look whos coming to Ultra.

Its not the first time an artist has leaked lineup news before the main events proposed scheduling with Major Lazer announcing they were touring with Australian super festival Stereosonic a few days before the scheduled billing was meant to be dropped just a few weeks ago it created a huge buzz across the www.

Today Skrillex has done just that and announced his Ultra Music appearances and it seems the A list superstar of all things dub step and bass music is heading our way Bali, you ready? I know 15000 plus EDM enthusiasts certainly are!

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.46.49 PM

With visiting fans and local festival attendees alike eagerly awaiting Ultra Bali’s lineup to drop, its just under two months away and appears part 1 of that constant question has now been answered. Ultra Beach edition Bali has been totally sold out for some time now and now living up to its all its hype with the news that Skrillex is finally coming to Bali.


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