Hypnotic techno legend Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue / Son Kite / Nobody Home has been announced to play a New Year’s Eve at Petitenget beachfront venue, Mano Seaside, as part of the Eclipse Festival 2016 pre-party.

Organisers, Interstellar, announced the Eclipse Festival 2016 earlier this year which is looking to be Indonesia’s largest alternative music and culture event to date with over 100 artists performing across 4 stages and 5 days. The peak of the festival of course being the total solar eclipse on the morning of March 9th, one of the longest in the history of the earth with 3mins in totality.

For the Eclipse Festival 2016 Bali pre-party on New Year’s Eve, the appearance of festival headliner Marcus Henriksson, known and revered for his unique Minilogue and Son Kite trance inducing techno, is sure to excite both clubbers and ravers alike. The venue will further be transformed by Interstellar artist and Eclipse Festival 2016 stage designer Punkadelik to protect guests from rain but also open up gateways to new dimensions with his signature decor combined with VJ Tengu’s visual installations.
Interstellar have also announced the installation of a top of the line d&b audiotechnik sound system for the night.

Marcus Henriksson aka Minilogue / Son Kite / Nobody Home artist statement: “I see the dance experience as something more than a party. I believe that dancing is an very important act for us human beings and feel that dance events and raves are modern society’s way to express the dance ritual that we human beings have been doing for thousands of years. It is built into our DNA to dance to hypnotic music. So I’m happy to share this dance ritual with YOU :-)”

Since 1997, Marcus has been producing music under the name Son Kite and Minilogue together
with Sebastian Mullaert. Their career as Son Kite took a quick start when they released their first
album in 1999. They were suddenly playing at clubs and festivals worldwide; mostly in “trance”
parties even though they themselves never put their music under the style “trance”.

Date: New Year’s Eve December 31 (thu) 2015 – 5PM till LATE
Venue / City: Mano Seaside, Bali
Event: Eclipse Festival 2016 Bali Pre-Party

Marcus aka Son Kite / Minilogue – Iboga / Cocoon Records (SE)
Support by Interstellar Crew

Art / Visuals / Venue design:
VJ Tengu
Punkadelik aka Quantic Structuralism

Eclipse Festival 2016 Ticket Holders : IDR 250,000 (+bf)
Online pre Sale : IDR 350,000 (+bf)
Door : IDR 500,000
Sale points:

Online :
Ubud area – La RaMona Tapas / Kismet
Seminyak area – Mano Seaside


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