Winky is no stranger to the limelight while most people know him for his celebrity career hosting TV shows and appearing regularly on Indonesian TV its well and truly the DJ circuit that has his main focus playing in up to 5 different cities per week as the demand for his musical services increases with each and every booking.

Winky started to learn DJing back as far as 1994 and not long after was professionally performing every Saturday night in Jakarta at what is now know as Clubhoppers. Finding his way to Jakarta originally was due to study commitments learning Accounting at University where the exposure to the whole DJ culture began and slowly but surely become part of his career path and where its taken him, currently sitting as one of Indonesia’s most in demand performers over the past few years. This week our favourite Indonesian celebrity come superstar touring DJ hits JL Dewi Sri’s newest late night attraction as part of their huge December lineup! Be there on the 30th front row centre for a rare and up close and personal affair not to be missed.

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