Its been the talk on everyones lips around the Bali Clubbing industry for a couple of months now with numerous rumours circling around about everyones newest diverse entertainment complex. Super accessible and conveniently located JL Dewi Sri has become a hive of activity over the past couple of years for the amount of new business projects that are choosing their permanent address at Bali’s popular creative hub.

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Finally after months of very fine detailing, design & supervision the already highly successful team behind Track 9 are ready to open their doors and share with all that dares to venture by what they have been cooking up behind the magic curtains at their newly renovated complete multi level entertainment space. If your not familiar with Arief, his team and some of their other projects – think Dreamfields super sized EDM festival, think Brewers Beer Garden and think all in between and much more beyond and the picture might start to begin a canvas of creativity.

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With so much to offer over multiple levels including the rumoured first of its kind technology lighting and digital decor to Bali.Their much anticipated updated club space debut has excitement levels starting to go into overdrive come April 7. With a very experienced culinary team and leading chefs their restaurant intentions are aimed at pleasing the foodies from all walks of life, teamed up with a great outdoor space to offer thats easily accessible from all directions its both an amazing place to hit early or late no matter what your entertainment schedule is requiring.


Want to know more? We certainly do and know 101% there is much beyond what we have touched on so keep an eye on this page and our website as we update more publicity as it comes to hand. Be certain to join in on the hype come April 7 – 9 which promises to be a opening week on JL Dewi Sri like no other.



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