Stop Only Outside of the Box : Bali Police Introducing Yellow Box Junctions to Reduce Traffic Gridlock

Some 32 traffic intersections in and around Bali’s capital have undergone a minor transformation with the installation of Yellow Box Junctions.

Just a few of the intersections with the criss-cross of yellow lines now in place are Kamboja-Hayam Wuruk, Nusa Indah-WR Supratman, Nusa Indah-Kecubung and Simpang Gatsu.

But many motorists still remain confused as to the purpose and function of the new Yellow Box Junction.

As reported by NusaBali, the chief of traffic control of the Denpasar Transportation Office, Nyoman Sustiawan, confirmed that the new Yellow Box Junctions began being installed in April 2016. Their function, he explained, is to reduce the occurrence of gridlock at busy intersections.

The traffic boss said the actual use of the Yellow Box Junction is still being socialized to the public.

The yellow boxes and diagonal lines mark the area of the intersection where it is forbidden for vehicles to come to a complete stop. To avoid this happening, motorists are obliged not to enter a yellow box junction area unless the way is clear and they are absolutely certain to be able to pass through without stopping. This prohibition operates independently of whether or not the traffic light is showing yellow or green at the time a vehicle enters the intersection.

While police are postponing, at least initially, enforcement of the rules related to Yellow Box Junctions, eventually being caught with a vehicle standing in the demarcation area will subject the driver to a maximum penalty of Rp. 500,000 or two months in jail.

Nationally, the Yellow Box Junction system is being introduced in major cities across Indonesia, including Denpasar, Jakarta and Surabaya.



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