With a huge epidemic of ATM skimming via some clever devices around Bali’s island finally the courts this week caught up with a Bulgarian native sentencing him to 12 years for his part in robbing tourist and locals alike for who knows how much money.

Dimitar Nikolov Iliev has been proven guilty of acquiring peoples bank data, namely PIN numbers from removing the padlock on the backside of the ATM machine and replacing the keypad section with his a fake device with a built in camera and recording all the necessary data to further commit the crime he was originally accused of.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 9.44.51 AM

Via Kompas Judge Achmed Peten Sili said “The suspect is proven guilty of intentionally stealing and going against the law by accessing computer data or an electronic system by breaking into a security system’. On top of his 12 year sentence Iliev was fined 100 million RPH or a extra 6 months.

The Bulgarian could of faced a even larger sentence but the judge chose some leniancy on him due to confessing his crime and also based on his good behaviour thru the whole criminal processing leading up to his day in court.


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