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Kempinski & Ritz Carlton Stop Destroying Waves in Bali!

Please tell the Hotel Kempinski and the Ritz Carlton they must stop massive construction of the jetties that are destroying Bali’s Best Surf Spots and the Marine environment now.

The Nikko, in Sawangan, Nusa Dua is known by the thousands of surfers worldwide, has already been destroyed by jetties built by the Kempinski & Ritz Carlton so their guests could have a private swimming beach.

One of these jetties built on top of the reef is 170 meters long and 5 meters wide! It has permanently destroyed the wave and is seriously impacting the surrounding coastline. The ‘Jetty War’ underway is because once one hotel builds a jetty, the next hotel along the coast has to build an even larger one to compensate for the impact to the coastline at their area.

More and more of these jetties are being created and will affect the beaches down the coast of south Bali including all the Hotels on Geger Beach Nusa Dua . Now is the time, we need to stand up and say NO to the destruction of the local natural coastal ecosystems for private luxury beaches.

Surfers and the world are speaking up! Destroying these world-heritage surf spots is not only destroying unique destinations, the ripple effect to Bali’s fragile coastline, and the welfare of the Balinese who rely on our patronage is devastating.

Please sign this petition and let Kempinski and the Ritz Carlton International Management Organizations who should know better already as Multi Nationals regardless of wether they had permits to construct jetties or not, and the Hotel Investors know that they must stop construction of the jetties now, and remove the existing jetties immediately so we can reverse the devastation before the reef completely dies or more waves are destroyed.

We also wish to investigate into how these Hotels actually received permits to do this is questionable and to date they are yet to produce that have them , and should they hold them then who in what departments granted them as we seriously question their skill set and knowledge of such matters to do so as they have displayed no awareness of the destructive consequences.

These ocean walls are unnecessary and completely out of balance with nature. They need to go now.

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Kempinski & Ritz Carlton, Hentikan Penghancuran Ombak di Bali!

Katakan Kempinski dan Ritz Carlton agar mereka menghentikan pembangunan tembok laut yang menghancurkan ombak di Bali sekarang.

Ombak Nikko di Sawangan telah dikenal oleh ribuan peselancar di seluruh dunia, dan saat ini sedang dihancurkan oleh pembangunan tembok laut yang dibangun oleh hotel Kempinski dan Ritz Carlton, dengan tujuan agar mereka memiliki pantai pribadi bagi tamu mereka.

Salah satu tembok laut ini dibangun di atas karang sepanjang 170 meter dengan lebar 5 meter. Tembok laut ini telah menghancurkan ombak-ombak alamiah secara permanen dan telah berdampak pada pantai dan pesisir

Kini semakin banyak tembok laut yang sedang dibangun dan direncanakan di sepanjang pantai di Bali Selatan. Sekarang saatnya kita berdiri dan mengatakan CUKUP atas pembangunan tembok-tembok laut yang
menghancurkan ekosistem demi pantai-pantai mewah ini.

Kini perlombaan pembangunan tembok laut telah terjadi, karena ketika sebuah hotel membangun tembok laut, maka hotel di sebelahnya akan mulai membangun tembok laut yang lebih besar lagi untuk mengurangi dampak yang terjadi akibat tembok yang dibangun sebelumnya.

Peselancar dan pecinta laut saatnya berbicara. Penghancuran ombak warisan dunia ini tidak hanya akan menghancurkan tujuan wisata yang unik, namun berdampak terhadap pesisir Bali yang rapuh, dan juga hancurnya mata pencaharian masyarakat lokal yang tergantung dari kawasan ini.

Bergabunglah dan tanda-tangani petisi ini agar Kempinski dan Ritz Carlton tau bahwa mereka harus menghentikan pembangunan tembok laut sekarang juga, dan menghilangkan tembok laut yang telah dibangun segera. Mereka juga perlu segera merehabilitasi kerusakan agar karang
tidak hancur seluruhnya.

Tembok laut ini tidak diperlukan dan tidak sejalan dengan alam dan harus dihentikan.

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