Police in Bali on water patrol duties are stepping up their game with a investigation further into the shark smuggling trade. This week a boat was placed under arrest with a seizure of 300 kilograms or captured sharks.

the illegal practising boat was discovered in the Bali straight during routine patrol work as noted by police representative Hengky Widjaya. When police interview the fisherman they were unable to present any form on documentation for shark fishing or permits to be in the waters at all. With all that in mind the police believe the sharks were destined for Bali for the trade.

Shark fin is a popular delicacy amongst many Chinese visitors which is often the case for the illegal practice in many regions while the fin is a much used ingredient in tonics amongst the herbal medicine market.

While the 300kg of dead sharks was not the only find, police also found many other fish species, fishing rods and shark oil which obviously would of lead to further suspicion.

The boats log and harbour departure history reads a departure from Banyuwangi, East Java on route to Kedonganan Bali. Five of the boats crew along with the captain were further questioned with the police deciding to force its route to end at Benoa Harbour, awaiting more investigation.

Furthermore the police are still processing and investigating under the Directorate of Water Police according to Superintendent Wijaya so lets hope for more great police work coming our way soon.


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